(Based on Soul Eater)

There is a new student at the DWMA. Kuroda Bumps into a girl who is apparently Black Star's sister. Black Star fails to sneak attack him. He makes new friends and is faces his first battle. Kuroda feels romatic towards Mizore, and more starts to challenge him as his days at the DWMA go by.


4. Soul Resonance


Chapter 4

Soul Resonance


“You left your guitar in here yesterday. I didn’t bother hurt it. IT’S PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL!” He exclaimed.

He gave it to me happily.

“I’m Death the Kid. You may have heard of me. I’m a grim reaper and also Lord Death’s son.” He said.

“I noticed.” I said with a grin. “I could tell from looking at your soul that you are a grim reaper. I kinda guessed that you were his son.” I said.

“You can see souls? But from what I heard you’re a weapon.” He said.

“Yeah well I don’t know why I can see them either. It’s just somethin’ I was born with.” I said.

“Thanks for my guitar by the way. I don’t know what I’d do with out it.” I said.

“Your welcome. Keep that case in good shape. Don’t ruin the symmetry.” Kid said.

“I won’t Kid.” I said.

     Stein smiled at me, and then started the session. What was that for? Why the sudden interest? Is it my guitar? I guess I probably shouldn’t have left it in class. But before I came here, I did here that instruments could help and amplify soul resonance.

“So where are your weapons? I hear you have two.” I asked.


They jumped over and came into a perfectly symmetrical pose. They both had similar outfits. One of them had shorter blonder hair the other’s was longer and a darker shade of blonde. They had blue and white hats, red shirts only covering their cleavage, white ties, and blue eyes, although one of theirs had a darker shade of blue. One of them had long denim pants and the other had denim short shorts.

“Are you okay punkie boy?” The one with blonder hair asked.

“Yeah I just don't see the meaning of the pose. I only wanted to meet you guys.” I said.

“You’re going to have to get used to it. Kid is just like that.” The one with longer hair said. “Ahhhh! I broke a nail!” She screamed.

“NO! YOU AREN’T SYMMERTRICAL ANYMORE! What a disgrace…” Kid said.

“Dude lay off it’s small. She’ll get it figured out but for now we just have to pay attention. We are in class after all.” I said.

“No! You don’t understand the true beauty of symmetry!” Kid yelled.

“Maybe if you stop being such a perfectionist you’ll become a stronger person.” I suggested. “I like you Kid, but your obsession is going to turn into a distraction. And the enemy can use it against you.” I said.

     He finally shut up, and class went on. Mizore was really happy today and everything was turning out alright until all of the sudden.


“Ah dude seriously now your going to pick a fight? In my opinion it’s not worth it. Symmetrical or asymmetrical it doesn’t matter no one is, especially you with three stripes on half of your head and none on the other, you’re the definition of asymmetry.” I said.

“Your right I’m a disgrace! An ugly, humiliating disgrace!” He cried.

“That’s not what I meant. You’re not a disgrace and no one who is asymmetrical is. In my opinion the stripes look pretty cool but obviously you don’t get what I’m trying to say.” I said.

“So… you… don’t mind my asymmetrical head?” he asked.

“Why would I? You look pretty cool to me.” I said with a smile.

“Thank you. But I still hate it.” He said.

“Well that’s your choice but what really matters is that you don’t let the enemy use it against you.” I said.

“Just don’t shoot me again or else I’ll shoot you back.” I said.

“Alright.” He said.

     Mizore walked up to me with a smile and held my hand. I was sweating, and a bit weak from those shots. It was pretty strong. He hit me directly with his soul wavelength even without soul resonance, but wait, that didn’t feel like his soul. It must’ve been one of the girls. I fell directly into Mizore’s arms.

“Are you okay?” Mizore asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just unexpected.” I said. “Don’t worry I’ll be fine.”


I heard that voice loud and clear, it was a familiar voice. Of course… It was Black Star. Once again I dodged his attack and he didn’t have Tsubaki with him this time, she was sitting in the front row of the class though.

“C’mon man I thought we were friends.” I said.

“Yeah, and also the only friend I haven’t had a fight with.” He said.

“Oh really? Let’s keep it that way.” I said with a smile.

“Soul force!”

He grabbed my back and turned his hand, hit me with his soul wavelength directly. I was already weak from the shots, his attack made me feel weaker.

“Trust me, I’m not someone you want to fight with.” I said.

I can shoot you even without my meister. I get the advantage of long distance damage while you have to attack me directly.” I said. “Anyway I don’t want to fight. We both had enough fighting last night with the Zodiac Killer.”

“Coward.” He muttered.

“Call it whatever you want. I just don’t want to have to turn you into a bloody pulp.” I said.

I could here his footsteps; they were coming towards me, pretty fast too. I shot him and it seemed like it wouldn’t do any damage. I kept shooting and shooting until he fell.

“I told you not to pick a fight with me. I tried to avoid it but you just kept coming. That was in self-defense. Anyway you’re an assassin right? If we were to have a full-scale fight, we would destroy this classroom. And I don’t want to get expelled just yet.” I said.

I helped him up and he smiled. He punched me in the face.

“Now I win.” Black Star said.

“Ugh... whatever makes you feel better.” I said.

Mizore hugged me.

“Why are you getting so beat up today?” She asked.

“I don’t know. It’s pretty funny because I haven’t even been in the main area of the classroom. Just look at how many people Black Star had to knock down just to get to me.” I said.

Mizore looked at my row and all of the people there were knocked down. Her face turned red and she went up to Death the Kid and Black Star. “MIZORE CHOP!” She yelled as she chopped their heads with her hands.

“You two are complete idiots.” She said.

     I had just gained a lot more respect for her right there. She’s strong and her soul is too. Soul was just laughing, and Maka looked confused like she didn’t know what just happened.

“Okay class now back to the subject.” Dr. Stein said.

He’s right, if I want to be in any competition with Maka, I have to pay full attention and no distractions.

“Soul resonance is the link between souls that doesn’t only make the weapon stronger, but the meister too. It doubles the strength of both souls but each of them must know their partner’s soul wavelength and be able to connect their’s with their weapon.” Dr. Stein said.

“How about we have someone come up and do it for us. Hmm, someone who hasn’t had too much experience. How about Kuroda and Mizore.” He said.

“Sir we’ve never resonated before.” I said.

“That’s why I’m teaching you now, so come on up.” He said.

Mizore and I went up to the main part of the classroom. I turned into my weapon form.

“On the other hand you are pistol so we should probably do this outside so the classroom doesn’t get destroyed. I suspect you’ll probably be a lot like Liz and Patty but your death cannon will probably be slightly bigger. Just a guess because a regular desert eagle is 50 caliber, and an M1911 is 45 caliber. It won’t be much but your already stronger than Liz and Patty naturally especially since you can turn into other guns too” Dr. Stein said.

We went outside and we tried it out.

 “Let’s go soul resonance!” Mizore and I said.

     I started to transform. It felt so natural. I kept transforming and I kept growing and growing. I turned into a large high tech cannon.

“Mega death cannon!” Mizore and I said.

“Noise at 6.7%” I said without control.

     I had shot out a blue looking laser like shot, kinda like what the shots usually look like in my desert eagle form, but this was so much larger. Mizore’s soul and mine were combined. I felt power, more than I could ever imagine. Our souls were together in perfect harmony. The class ooed and aawed. We cut the resonance link and I turned back into human form.

“Wow amazing. You’re as strong as Liz and Patty combined. Much more than I had expected. You pass. Keep practicing though, you may be powerful but it was still rough.” Dr. Stein said.

“Thank you sir.” We said.

     Liz and Patty looked jealous. I could tell that they felt weak compared to me and I felt bad because I was usually the weak one and I didn’t know how to respond to all of the sudden being as strong as both of them combined. I walked to them and I started talking trying to make them feel better.

“I’m sorry I had no idea. It was my first time ever resonating. But hey! You guys are still a lot better than I am at resonating souls, and you have a reaper on your side making you guys still stronger than me and with better form. I bet you guys could beat me in a fight any day.” I said with a smile.

I leaned in for an apology hug and they forgave me and hugged me back.

“You guys are lucky you’ve always had each other to count on through thick and thin. I never had until I met Mizore. You two have had each other your whole lifes. I wasn’t that rich spoiled kid. I was poor and I was abandoned when I was five years old with no one to help me. Somehow I saved up enough money from begging on the streets to go to school. Ever since then I’ve had to fend for myself. I can tell you two have  been through the wringer too. I feel your pain, and I plan to be your friends through any trouble you have.” I said.

They leaned in and hugged me tighter.

“We were really poor too. A lot of stuff happened that we aren’t very proud of before we met Kid.” Liz said.

“Yeah, we took money from people.” Patty said.

     We completely understood each other and it felt nice to have forgiveness. Mizore caught up along with the others. I had made many great friends at the academy already. I felt lucky to have them. They were all there for me. Every last one of them.

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