(Based on Soul Eater)

There is a new student at the DWMA. Kuroda Bumps into a girl who is apparently Black Star's sister. Black Star fails to sneak attack him. He makes new friends and is faces his first battle. Kuroda feels romatic towards Mizore, and more starts to challenge him as his days at the DWMA go by.


1. A New Student


Chapter 1

A New Student

     I was skating to the academy and I was barely awake. Coffee in my hand and a guitar case in the other, I was riding my skateboard as fast as I could, hoping to get to class on time.


"Oh my god I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" I asked.

I had crashed into a girl with dark purple hair. She had a Black Veil Brides t-shirt, spiked black bracelets, black torn up skinny jeans, a star tattoo on her shoulder, and a chain hanging on her pants. Her skin was pail white and she looked at me. I had never seen more beautiful eyes in my life, they were a midnight shade of purple, and you could see the twinkle in her eyes like they were stars.

"Oh no it's my fault I was in the way." She replied.

"Are you sure? I could at least help you to class." I said.

"Thanks but I'm fine, my brother can…"

Before she could finish, there was a kid with blue spiky hair, a black vest, fingerless gloves, white pants and a star tattoo on his shoulder who came running and screaming in my face.

"I'm Black Star, the world's greatest assassin! I will surpass god and no one will ever be as big of a star as me!"

"Is that your brother?" I asked.

"Sadly… yes." She said with an embarrassed look on her face.

"I'm sorry…" I said.

I had just noticed he was holding something and it transformed into a human.

"Black Star! You're supposed to be quiet! Isn't that one of the assassins' rules!?" the girl said.

"Oh yeah! But even if I was quiet it'd be hard not to notice such a big guy like me!"

"I'm Mizore by the way." She said with a grin.

"I'm Kuroda." I said.

The girl Black Star was with walked up to me.

"Hi sorry for Black Star, he was kind of trying to do a sneak attack on you. Didn't know who he was going to attack and he just told me to transform. He just doesn't really like new kids for some reason. Oh yeah, I'm Tsubaki! What's your name?"

"Kuroda" I said. "And It's all good, but we should get to class. What class are you guys in?" I asked.

"Crescent Moon!" They all said at the same time.

"Oh good, then you guys can show me where class is then."

"Sure! Just follow me! Black Star!"

He started walking. Tsubaki stopped him.

"Class is that way Black Star…" Tsubaki said pointing in the opposite direction.

"Huh? Oh yeah I knew that! I was just testing you!" Black Star said.

"Hey where's Soul and Maka?" Black Star asked.

"Their probably in class by now and we shouldn't be late again." Tsubaki said.

"Are you a weapon or a meister?" she asked.

"I'm a weapon but for some reason I can see souls like a meister can."

     We got to class, and the teacher was a man with what looked like was a giant screw in his head and he was adjusting it. He had stitches all over him and a stitched up lab coat, a stitched up dark turtle neck, black pants, grey hair, very shiny, circular glasses, and a ciggarrette in his mouth.

"Okay class today we're going to be disecting some frogs. Should be fun. But before we get to do that we have a new student. Care to introduce yourself?"

I was sitting towards the front next to Mizore.

"I'm Kuroda Tadayoshi. Nice to meet you sir." I said.

"Hi Kuroda I'm Dr. Stein, But you can just call me Stein if you'd like, now tell me young man are you a weapon or meister?"

"I'm a weapon." I said.

"Perfect, we have a meister here who doesn't have a partner, infact your sitting next to her. Would you like to be Mizore's Partner?"

"Only if it's ok with her." I said.

"Of course it is! You seem really nice!" She said as she went for a hug.

     On my left was Mizore, but on my right there was a guy with a yellow and black jacket, red pants, a headband that said "Soul" on it, white hair, and red eyes.

"You must be Soul."

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