Reach for the stars

Miranda is swept away by a Timelord known as The Doctor and they travel together in his magical TARDIS!



   I was on my way to bed when I here a strange noise coming from my backyard. I run thourgh my house to the back door. I grab what ever was close and walk outside. Right next to my vegetable garden is a big blue police box! And a strange man came out I ready my weapon. "A SPATULA?!?" he said. I looked at the spatula in my hand and dropped it. "Umm sir who might you be?" "I'm the Doctor" the stranger replied.     "Doctor Who?" I said. "Just the doctor. And you are?" he said. "Miranda Sharp!" I replyI glanced at the big blue telephone box behind him. "And this is my TARDIS." he said grinning.   "And what does it do?" "Well come inside." he opened the doors and strolled in. I walked in the mysterious box it was huge inside! I stepped outside and walked around the box. "It's bigger on the inside...!" I said slightly confused. "I know! Isn't great?!?" he said with excitement. "Yeah it's Brillant!" A blue beam hit my vegtable patch. "Get in! Quickly!" I hopped in the blue box and he closed the doors. It shook I was thrown around "Earthquake?" I asked grabbing on to a seat. "No. Hold on!" I tighten my grip. He flipped a switch and it made that strange noise again. He went towards the doors. And opened them, I followed him out. "We've Moved!" I said. "Yup this is my  tardis, it travels through space and time!" he says smiling. "Wait! I'm so confused! Who are you?" I say. (30 minutes later) "So let me get this straight... Your an alien called a Timelord and all of the others are dead. And this is your space ship time machine?" "Yes!" "But what was that blue light on my garden?" "Well that was a scanner beam and I've been seeing them all around London. Something is scanning this area for something specific." "But is scanning bad, I mean no one's hurt or being abducted?" I say. "Yes but the scanner is looking for something, something most likely dangerous." "Well then shall I come to help?" I ask. "Yes I love you to." he replies. "Ok then let's get to it!" we walk out the doors. He straightens his Bowtie and we stroll through London. "So whose scanning Earth?" "Well we'll have to find out, I'll use this here to help pick up the Scanner beams Then will trace them back to the person scanning!" He pulls out some kinda remote control with a bunch a wires hooked up and attaches a clothes hanger to it. "Beep...Beep..Beep,Beep!!!" goes the funny contraption. Then suddenly a green beam flashes in front of us. The Doctor pulls out some kinda probe. "What's that a probe?" "No it's a sonic screwdriver!" he scans the beam, it turns off. "Come on! Back to the tardis!" doctor says grabbing my hand. We run to the Tardis, "Where are we going?" "I tracked back the signal, we're going to space!" he says as he pulls lever, switches switches and rotates handles. "Woah!" the whole starts shaking and making the noise. We hold on and fall on are backs as it stops. "Hahaha this is great!" I laugh.
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