Why me

Ashlyn is a normal teenage girl. With only a few exceptions. She is one of the top street fighters and is well respected. What happens when she meets a group of boys. Find out.


1. What?

Today was the only day I will be free for the next six months. I am going to a fighting school in California and leaving tomorrow. Time to leave everything behind. My childhood, everything. As I packed, I decided I would go for one last run. I put on my sweatpants and s navy long sleeve. I put my hair into a messy bun and slipped on my reeboks. The run is about 5 miles. As I got to the third, I noticed a black van following me. I stopped and it pulled to the side and a group of boys ran out. One tried to lunge at me and I punched him. Then, one came at me with a needle. I ducked and he tripped offer my foot that I suck into his path. Just as I was feeling pretty good about my skills, everything went dark.

I woke up with a terrible headache. I tried to think about what hade happened. Then, I remembered. I went for a run and some guys kidnaped me. Perfect. I decided it was time to try to leave wherever I was, so I hopped out of the bed. There were no windows so I tried the door. It was unlocked. Haha. They were really idiots, weren't they? Just as I opened the door, one of the boys blocked my path. "Where do you think you're going?" He asked. He was tall and had curly hair and green eyes."uhhhhh. To get a glass of water." I replied. I was a terrible liar. "I will get you one hold on. ZAYN! COME WATCH HER!!" Wait. That sounds familiar. Oh well. He walked to the door. "Ok mate." He had dark hair and dark eyes. He was the one that first lunged at me. "So love, how are you feeling?" He asked. "Well I would be better if I was at home." I replied. "Well, nothing I can do about that." "And why is that?" I asked. "I am not the one who brought you here." He said. "Though I am glad you are here.." He winked at me and then the curly haired one came back. "Here you go love. Anything else. By the way my name is Harry." He said. Wait harry and Zayn... They were from that band..... One Direction..... Perfect. "You could let me go!" I said eagerly. "No way! You are staying with me." He said. Great. I will escape..... Just you wait.
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