Why me

Ashlyn is a normal teenage girl. With only a few exceptions. She is one of the top street fighters and is well respected. What happens when she meets a group of boys. Find out.


3. Those Loons

I woke up and u was tied to the bed. Strange... I don't remeber being this way when I fell asleep. I screamed "GUYS!!" They all came running in. One of them, I think his name was Liam said "what happened?!" "Oh nothing I just want to know why I am tied up.." I said "I told you punishment would come....." Harry said. "Now, everyone out." The boys, all except for Harry, left. He came up to me and began kissing my neck. "Stop." I whispered. "No! I told you there would be punishment." He said. "And if you think this is it...... You are entirely wrong." He said as he untied me to take my shirt off. "Harry! Please don't!" I exclaimed. Wait why was I letting him do this. I am way stronger than him. I let him get ontop of me and right when he did, I kicked him square in the balls. No one messes with me. I grabbed my shirt as he bent over In pain and ran outside. The other boys were in their rooms so they didn't see me. Where to go now. I saw a hotel a block away and sprinted to it. When u got there I dug around in my bag which I had grabbed before I left and gave the lady the money for a three night stay. Just so I could get back on my feet. "Thank you miss. You are in room 691" she said. I finally was free.
Harry's P.O.V
She got away. How could I let that happen. As soon as I regained my strength, I ran to go tell the boys. "She ran guys.." I said. "Just let her go! She doesn't deserve this!" Liam said. "I can't I love her!" I exclaimed. I did. Ever since I saw her that day. I have loved her. "If you love her, then go get her." Niall said. "I recommend searching all the hotels around. She can't be far." Louis said. He was right. And that's what I am going to do.
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