Why me

Ashlyn is a normal teenage girl. With only a few exceptions. She is one of the top street fighters and is well respected. What happens when she meets a group of boys. Find out.


13. The date

Harry's p.o.v.

Twenty minutes before our date. I am nervous! Wait.... I am Harry Styles, I don't get nervous! Who am I kidding, I am terrified. What if she doesn't like me? I can't deal with that.

Ashton's p.o.v.

Ten minutes until he picks me up. I curled my hair, wore a white lace dress, nude heels, and some pearls. I don't know why I am so excited about this date. I mean he did kidnap me....... Oh well. I told Annalise that I was going out on a date and if I didn't come home to assume I was back in that hell-hole. I heard a honk and walk outside. This is it. Lets see how much he truly cares about me, or if he is just a complete idiot and doesn't know what he wants or feels. Wish me luck!
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