Why me

Ashlyn is a normal teenage girl. With only a few exceptions. She is one of the top street fighters and is well respected. What happens when she meets a group of boys. Find out.


12. Explain

Harry's p.o.v.

He lied to us!!!! I am PISSED! He let her get away one time, who knows if he will do it again. I can't let her get away from me again. I know, I know, this isn't the way to get her to love me, but I need her to and I felt at the time it was. I am an idiot. But he can't let her go now! Maybe, just maybe, I can figure out a plan..

Zayn's p.o.v.

I guess it's time to explain. "Listen guys, I guess I owe you an explanation." I said as I walked into the living room. Niall locked Ashlyn in a room. Great. "Hell ya you do!" Harry shouted. "She doesn't deserve what we are doing to her, so yes, I did let her go. And I might have to do it again now." I said. "No you will not because you won't be left alone with her!" Harry shouted. I knew it would come to this. "Why don't you just let her go???!!!!" I yelled. "BECAUSE IF I DO I WILL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN!!! ZAYN, YOU DON'T GET IT, I LOVE HER! I know it's not the way to her heart but I need time to figure out a plan!" Harry was at the brim of tears. "Harry, why don't you just let her go and ask her out on a date?" Liam said. "Ok........ Fine" Harry said as he left the room. Finally!

Ashlyn's p.o.v.

Harry bust to into the room I am in. "What do you want Styles?" I asked in an annoyed tone. "Listen Ashlyn, I know I have made your life the worst possible.." "You could say that" "I know, but I am going to let you go. But..." "REALLY?!??!" "You didn't let me finish. I will let you go, but you have to go on a date with me." "No," "please?" "No." "Then I guess you are going to stay here..." "Fine, I will go on a date with you.." "Ok tomorrow, meet me here at eight." Did I really just agree to a date with my kidnapper?
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