Why me

Ashlyn is a normal teenage girl. With only a few exceptions. She is one of the top street fighters and is well respected. What happens when she meets a group of boys. Find out.


2. Attempt

I waited until midnight. I could tell because I had my watch on. I slowly opened the door and no one was there. Good. I observed the set up of the house. There was a long hallway with six bedrooms including mine. The hallway led into a kitchen and that led into the living room. I ran for the kitchen and just as I entered it, a pair of blue eyes caught my hazel ones. "Really? Trying to escape?" This one was blonde and was eating a sandwich. "I guess I will have to tell Harry." He said. Fine what will that punk do to me? "Hey Hazza!!!" He screamed. Harry walked in in only his boxers "it's twelve in the morning!!! What do you want???" He muttered "Just thought you might wanna know she tried escaping." The blonde one said pointing to where I was sitting on the opposite Side of the kitchen. "Thanks Niall. He said as he picked me up over his shoulder and took me to my room. He threw me in the bed and said, "When are you going to learn to behave??" "Sorry that I am not jumping in joy that I was kidnaped." I replied sarcastically. "There will be punishment next time. Got it?" He hissed. "Whatever" I said as he left and, this time, locked the door. Great. Now I was stuck in here. I will escape though. Trust me. I will.
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