Wanted You More

Bethany is top in her class, head-strong, and basically you're definition of a perfect girl but she has no intention of trying to be like every other girl and try to get Harry, the popular, good looking, soccer star, to like her...in fact, she doesn't really like him. But when Bethany is assigned to help Harry get his grades up and he realizes that Bethany is different than everyone else, will Bethany cave into giving Harry a chance or will she continue to stick to her idea that he is a spoiled, stuck up ass?

Includes sex, drugs, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing.


3. Work


“How was school honey?” I heard my mom call as I closed the door behind me.

“Awful.” I mumbled.

“What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said as I shuffled up the stairs to my bedroom. I threw my backpack onto the floor and changed out of my dress and into a pair of jeans and a black collared polo. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and touched up my makeup. I made my way back down to the kitchen and grabbed an apple out of the fridge.

“Off to work?” I nodded my head as I slipped my sneakers on. “Okay, well…have a good time.”

“I doubt I will.” I mumbled as I made my way to the door. I walked half a block to the bus stop, and waited the ten minutes until it came. I grabbed one of the last seats, slipped my headphones back in, and started to eat my apple.

A half hour later, I walked into Red Robin. I scanned in and put my nametag on. I smoothed my shirt out with my hands. I grabbed my waist apron and tied it on. I slipped straws, a pen, and my pad of paper into the pockets and walked out into the main area.

“Right on time, as always.” I looked up and saw my boss.

“Of course.” I said, forcing a smile.

“Well, here’s your first table of the day.” Jayson nodded to a table. I turned my head and saw Harry sitting down with a bunch of his friends. I groaned and desperately wanted to disappear.

“Want me to handle them?” I looked up and saw Kelsey standing next to me. I smiled weakly and looked at her.

“My section, I can do it.” I said weakly.

“Good luck…” Kelsey said and walked away. I sighed and tried to mentally prepare myself as I walked over.

“Hi, welcome to Red Robin, I’m Bethany…may I get you something to drink?” I asked as I placed down coasters.

“So that’s your name…” I looked up and saw Harry flash me another smirk.

“What do you want?” I asked, trying to keep the attention off me.

“Harry, do you know her?” Lexi asked.

“She goes to school with us.” Harry said, not taking his eyes off me.

“Are you ready? Do you want me to come back in a few minutes?” I pushed.

“I’ll have an iced tea.” Harry said. I went around the table, taking it down and went to go help another table before I got their drinks.

When I went to the back to get their drinks, Kelsey came in and started refilling someone else’s drink.

“Is he really that bad?” She asked me.

“He really is.”

“Well, only a few more hours and you get off.” I laughed weakly as she walked back out. I put the drinks on a tray and placed it on my hand. I raised it above my head and walked back out. I walked over to the table and started handing out their drinks. As soon as I turned around, I felt something wet splash against my back and start dripping down my legs.

“Oops…my drink must’ve slipped.” I turned around and saw the whole table smirking and Lexi’s drink totally gone…well…on me.

“Let me get you some napkins.” I said through clenched teeth as I started to walk away, trying to hold back tears.



“Was that really necessary, Lex?” I demanded.

“Oh, come on Harry…it was hilarious! Did you see her face?” Louis said between laughs.

“She has to work in that all night now…” I said as I saw her walking back. Her eyes were puffy and red, like she had been crying.

“Thanks darling…make sure you don’t sit anywhere. You wouldn’t want to ruin anything else.” Lex said.

“Lex, shut the hell up.” I demanded. I looked at Bethany and she only glared at me before turning around and walking away. Okay than… 

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