Wanted You More

Bethany is top in her class, head-strong, and basically you're definition of a perfect girl but she has no intention of trying to be like every other girl and try to get Harry, the popular, good looking, soccer star, to like her...in fact, she doesn't really like him. But when Bethany is assigned to help Harry get his grades up and he realizes that Bethany is different than everyone else, will Bethany cave into giving Harry a chance or will she continue to stick to her idea that he is a spoiled, stuck up ass?

Includes sex, drugs, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing.


60. What I Can't Have


Harry picked me up Monday morning for school. We hung out all weekend. We were practically inseparable from each other.

“Good morning, baby.” Harry said as I hopped into his car. I smiled, leaned over, and kissed him. He smiled into the kiss, making me smile.

“Morning; did you have a nice weekend?” I asked, smirking.

“It was pretty good.” I giggled as Harry started driving us to school. It felt right being with him.

When we got to school, we walked in hand in hand. Harry, being the gentleman he is, carried my backpack for me on his extra arm. People all around were looking at me and Harry since this was the first we’ve been seen really getting along. When we got to my locker, I saw Liam waiting for me.

“Good morning, Liam.” I said as Harry and I walked up. Harry and Liam made eye contact and I suddenly felt the awkward.

“Hey, so uhm…what’s going on with you two?” Liam asked, staring at our hands; his eyes filled with anger, sadness, and jealousy.

“We’re dating.” Harry said, tightening his grip on my hand.

“Oh…I see.” Liam said, hurt coating his voice. I gave him a sympathetic look but he shook it off. “As long as you two are happy, that’s all that matters…right?” I nodded slowly as I flung my locker open. “Okay well I’ll see you guys in class.” Liam said, rushing away.

“Well…that was awkward.” Harry said. I nodded, unsure of what to say. Part of me felt like I hadn’t fully moved on from Liam. A part of me still loved the innocence of him. I still wanted to be his, but I knew that was wrong. I wanted him because I was Harry’s now; just like when I was Liam’s, I wanted Harry. It was like one big circle…a really bad circle just to make it even better. I shook my head, trying to get rid of the thoughts. I turned to Harry, grabbed his shirt, and pulled his lips down to mine. I kissed him passionately, trying to feel something. Harry was taken by surprise, but after a second or two you could tell he didn’t care. He had wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

When I pulled away, I saw people looking and staring. I knew for a fact as of this moment, that Harry and I were the next topic of school; and that was something I couldn’t even change because I brought this upon myself by kissing Harry first; just…great.

When I turned around to walk to class with Harry, I saw all the stares, but the one stare that stood out among them all was Liam…Liam was standing there looking hurt; broken hearted. I wanted for nothing more to take him in my arms and kiss him until he didn’t feel the pain.

I slapped my hand to my head, trying to get rid of the thought. Damn, I was fucked up. I want someone and I finally get them, only to want the other back. What is wrong with me?

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