Wanted You More

Bethany is top in her class, head-strong, and basically you're definition of a perfect girl but she has no intention of trying to be like every other girl and try to get Harry, the popular, good looking, soccer star, to like her...in fact, she doesn't really like him. But when Bethany is assigned to help Harry get his grades up and he realizes that Bethany is different than everyone else, will Bethany cave into giving Harry a chance or will she continue to stick to her idea that he is a spoiled, stuck up ass?

Includes sex, drugs, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing.


58. Thunder


After school, I took a bus to the cemetery and walked over to Chris’s and Sam’s graves. I sat down by Chris’s and grave and leaned my back against it. I pulled my legs up to my chin and closed my eyes, pressing back tears. I ended up crying myself to sleep on his grave, just like every other time I come here on his birthday.

I woke up to a crack of thunder and a flash of lightening. It was down pouring and I was drenched. I stood up and started running. I didn’t know where I was running to, I was just running. The next thing I knew, I was pounding on someone’s front door…Harry’s front door.

“Bethany?” He had a look of shock on his face when he saw me standing there. He opened the door more and allowed me to come in. “What happened…?”

“I was at the cemetery and I fell asleep there…” I whispered, looking down at the puddle around my feet my hair and clothes were forming.

“Why were you there?” I felt tears start falling again and I looked up at him. “Chris or Sam?” I nodded and fell to the floor, crying into my hands.

“Harry what’s going on?” I heard Anne ask, walking out. “Bethany?” I started sobbing even more. “Harry get her into some dry clothes, and then bring her back down here- she needs some tea and to get warm.” Harry helped me up, picking me up like a baby and carried me up to his room.



I carried her up to my room, and placed her on the floor. I slowly stripped her of her clothes and put them in a pile in the corner. I helped her get on sweatpants and a t-shirt of mine before carrying her back downstairs. She was crying into my chest and clinging to my shirt.

“Here Bethany…” I whispered, placing her on the couch. I got her a blanket and she curled up into it as my mom walked out and gave her some tea.

“Thank you.” She whispered. My mom nodded before walking back out of the room.

“Do you need anything else?” She looked up at me for the first time. Her eyes were blood shot and she looked scared. She finally shook her head but held my gaze.

“Were you going somewhere? You look sort of dressed up…”

“I was going to go to Zayn’s party but…you’re more important.” She looked back down and I saw down by her. I grabbed my mom’s brush and started running it through Bethany’s tangled hair. I heard her sobs begin to slow and her breathing begin to calm.

After I finished brushing her hair, I noticed Bethany’s eyes were closed. I stood up and looked at her, and realized she had fallen asleep. She looked so beautiful…so peaceful. I smiled to myself and gently fished for her phone. When I pulled it out, I walked into the other room to call her parents and tell her where she was.

“BETHANY WACKER, WHERE ARE YOU?!” Her mom yelled into the phone.

“Mrs. Wacker, its Harry. Bethany was at the cemetery and fell asleep and woke up in the rain storm to thunder. She came here since we were closer.”

“Oh, alright. Is she okay?”

“She’s asleep right now.”

“Okay, she can come home tomorrow. Can you bring her home?”

“Of course I can.”

“Thank you, Harry.”

“Of course. I’ll bring her back tomorrow.”

“I would also like to personally thank you tomorrow, too.” Her mom said. I smiled a little and laughed.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow than too.”

“Have a good night, dear.” Her mom said before hanging up the phone. I hung up the phone and placed it by the coffee table where Bethany was sleeping. I took one last look at her before starting a fire so she wouldn’t catch a cold. Afterwards, I pulled some blankets and pillows and fell asleep on the floor next to the couch she was on.

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