Wanted You More

Bethany is top in her class, head-strong, and basically you're definition of a perfect girl but she has no intention of trying to be like every other girl and try to get Harry, the popular, good looking, soccer star, to like her...in fact, she doesn't really like him. But when Bethany is assigned to help Harry get his grades up and he realizes that Bethany is different than everyone else, will Bethany cave into giving Harry a chance or will she continue to stick to her idea that he is a spoiled, stuck up ass?

Includes sex, drugs, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing.


68. Someone Else


After I dropped Bethany off, I slowly made my way home.  She was still all I could think about but if she was willing to be my friend over nothing, I would take that. I didn’t want to ruin everything over our relationship.

“How was school?” My mom asked as I walked inside.

“It was fine.” I dropped my backpack and slumped onto the couch.

“You look like you had a day…”


“Have you two started talking again?”

“Yeah, a little. We’re going to her boyfriends’ game together tonight.”

“Harry’s soccer game?”


“Well, at least support him; you two are still friends, aren’t you?”

“It’s hard to appreciate someone who took everything from you.”

“That didn’t answer my question.”

“Yes mom, Harry and I are still friends just not as good as we used to be.”

“Don’t let this influence your relationship with both of them. Bethany was the one who made the choice and Harry can’t control feelings. There was nothing you could’ve done.”

“Gee, thanks mom.”

“I’m not here to lie to you; I’m here to tell you the truth.” I sighed and nodded.

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“Besides, its high school…you’ll find someone else.”

“Okay mom…”

“Now go do your homework before you go pick Bethany up.” I nodded and made my way up to my bedroom. I started on my homework, hoping the time from now to get Bethany would go by quickly so I could see her again. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to just talk and hang out; I was hoping tonight would change that.

“Are you off?” My mom asked as I walked downstairs in a sweatshirt and jeans.

“Yeah, I’ll see you tonight.”

“See you later tonight.” I waved as I walked out to my car. I climbed in and started the short drive to pick up Bethany.



I had just pulled on my sweatshirt and pulled my hair up when I hear my mom yelling to me that Liam had driven up. I slipped on my Uggs and scurried downstairs, grabbed my purse, and made my way to Liams’ car.

“Hey.” Liam said, smiling to me.

“Hey; are you excited?!”

“I’m very excited. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a soccer game.”

“I’m excited!” Liam laughed and started driving us back to the school. Liam turned the music up so the silence wasn’t as awkward as we both sang along with the radio.

When we pulled into the school, it was hard to find a spot since soccer was the most popular sport here in England. Once we finally found one, we made our way over to the field. On the way, we saw the boys outside the locker room joking around.

“HARRY!” He looked over at me and smiled. I ran up to him and he picked me up in his arms.

“Hey baby.” He kissed me softly before putting me down. He had placed me back on the ground just as Liam joined us. “Hey Liam.” Harry said half-heartedly.

“Hey, good luck tonight.” Liam said, trying to sound cheerful. Harry looked surprised but smiled.

“Thanks mate!” He said as he pulled Liam into a quick hug. You could tell Liam was surprised but quickly hugged Harry back. When they let each other go, Liam and I made our way to the bleachers so we could watch the game.

“So…Liam…” I said slowly while we waited.


“Are there any girls here that you see that you think are attractive?”

“Really Bethany; are you trying to get me over you by setting me up with someone else?”

“Hey…it’s worth a shot.”

“Very funny- but no…that isn’t going to work.”

“Yeah it will, just you watch!”

“I’m not getting with anyone from our school.”

“I never specified if they were from out school or the other school.” I said, smirking. Liam thought for a second before shaking his head.

“You’re insane.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t totally diss the idea so…I’m going to stick with it.” I said, nudging him. Liam sighed and shook his head as the teams were called out before the start of the game.         

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