Wanted You More

Bethany is top in her class, head-strong, and basically you're definition of a perfect girl but she has no intention of trying to be like every other girl and try to get Harry, the popular, good looking, soccer star, to like her...in fact, she doesn't really like him. But when Bethany is assigned to help Harry get his grades up and he realizes that Bethany is different than everyone else, will Bethany cave into giving Harry a chance or will she continue to stick to her idea that he is a spoiled, stuck up ass?

Includes sex, drugs, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing.


75. Please


After school was out, I made my way home slowly. I had told Liam to go on without me since I wasn’t in the mood to deal with people after what happened in lunch. I loved Harry, Lexi was right…but how can you forgive someone who tore you to pieces? It just didn’t make sense in my head.

“Hey sweetie, how was school?” My mom asked once I got inside.

“It was fine, as usual.”

“How’s Harry? You haven’t mentioned him in awhile…”

“Yeah I know.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine.”

“If you ever need to talk, you know I’m always here for you.”

“Yeah, thanks mom.” She kissed my head and I made my way up to my room to start on my English essay.

Write a speech about something in your life that has changed you. Something that has made you realize something in life for the better or worse. Be prepared to read these in front of the class on Wednesday.

I sighed and the only thing I could think of that has happened recently was Harry. This stupid situation kept coming back up in life. It was almost like every English presentation we’ve gotten has affected Harry and I in some way.

Love is a funny thing. Love can bring out the best and worst in some people. For some, love is a beautiful thing. Love makes people realize all the good they have in life, have a shoulder to cry on, or just someone who they can relate to.

For me, love was painful; love hurt. Love was a constant fight between us and reality. We pushed each other away, we couldn’t open up, we just enjoyed having someone to call our own. Some people could say we used each other, other’s could say we did mean something to each other which is why we fought so much, but to me…this is what love really is.

Love brings out the best and the worst. Just because we couldn’t talk to each other about everything didn’t mean we had a bad relationship. It just meant we could respect each other and each other’s space. We didn’t have to know everything about each other. The great part about our relationship was that there was always something new to learn about the other every day. It kept it interesting.

Love is something sweet, yet painful. Love is something very few people experience at such a young age but I have, and it hurt. It tore my heart out and ripped it to pieces, yet it was probably the sweetest love I have ever felt from someone.

I learned from this love. I learn that I could never love someone as much as I do this boy, though you all know who he is, I won’t say the name. He was the realest thing in my life. He taught me to look forward and not in the past, he taught me how to break my boundaries in both good and bad ways; he helped me experience new things…he will always be my first love and I could never love someone as much as I do him, and I hope…that one day, he’ll realize that.

I’ll always be waiting for him to realize what we had was real. I won’t push anything and I won’t ever mention this speech again, but my relationship with him is my definition of love, and love is what taught me to be a better person.

After I finished, I placed it in my folder, not wanting to look at it again until Wednesday. Hopefully by then I would be able to think normally.



This stupid English assessment was going to kill me. I had to write about something that I learned from…well I learned from Bethany. I couldn’t write about that though. Though, it would probably be the best paper I’ve ever written in my life.

I sighed and tapped my pen against my desk up in my room. What could I have possibly learned from Bethany…?

She has changed me; for the better, of course. I hung up my jersey and gave up the game. You all know me, teachers and students, you know my reputation. It’s over; game over. It’s all over.

She taught me that I can still be who I am without all the bad going on. She showed me that there was always something good in life. I always woke up with a smile on my face, knowing she would be there waiting for me.

But it’s all gone now. I ruined it. My game ruined it. This is why I’m hanging up the jersey and moving forward. I’m going to become the person she knew I could be; the person she knew I could become.

I want to be better for her. I’m still learning from her. She left me because of what I did; it’s my entire fault right now. Since it’s all my fault, I’m stepping up to the plate and I’m taking what she taught me to heart so maybe…just maybe I’ll be able to win her back over.

She taught me to love, to learn, to move on, to be a better person than I thought I could be…she’s the reason I am who I am, the reason I want to be better. She’s the reason.

It was short, sure…but hopefully it would get me a good grade. I needed a good grade to prove that I could be who I had been working to become for Bethany. I was going to win her back…one way or another.



Wednesday came by quicker then I had thought it should. I was sitting across the room from Harry, waiting with my paper in hand. I was shaking pretty badly, almost tempted to say I hadn’t done the assignment.

“Bethany, you’re up.” I nodded, grabbed my paper, and walked up to the podium. I gulped and looked at the class. I sighed, tears pricking my eyes. I looked down at my paper and bit my quivering lip. “Bethany, are you okay?”

“Yeah…I just…I’m okay.” I nodded quickly and took a deep breath before starting to read my paper.

“Wow…good job.” My teacher said, making me nod. I refused to look up; I just scurried back to my seat as quickly as I could.

“Can I go now?”

“Go ahead Harry.” I looked up only to catch his eye. I looked back down and hid my face in my hands. I had just read a paper about how much I loved Harry…with Harry in the class.

She changed me…for the better, of course…

I looked up and realized Harry had tears in his eyes too. I bit my lip when I realized his whole paper was about me too.

“Good job Harry; now can you and Bethany step out of the room and talk this out face to face instead of in my assignment?”

“But…we met the requirements…”

“That you did, but I would also like you two to talk this out personally so the rest of us don’t find out your personal business from assignments I give.” Harry and I both gave weak smiles.

“Okay.” We both walked out of the classroom and awkwardly stood in the hallway together.

“So…” Harry said slowly.

“Sooo…” I said back, dragging it out even more.

“Look, I’m really sorry and…”

“I know; Lexi came and showed me the video and explained everything.” Harry went silent and his mouth dropped open.


“She cares about you Harry…”

“But I want you…” He took a step closer to me.


“I don’t want Lex, I want you. I made the biggest mistake of my life getting with her. You don’t’ understand how different I feel. I feel empty…I feel…I need you…”


“Please…be mine again…”

“Harry…I just…”

“It’ll be different…I swear…” I went quiet, unsure of how to answer. How do you answer something like that? Someone you once trusted with everything broke your trust…what would you do? Hand it right back to them, or keep it to yourself?

I was speechless, still unsure of what to say. I didn’t know what to say. I finally took a deep breath after thinking it through.


“Yes…?” Harry looked eager to know my answer and all I could do was look at the ground.

“You have one more chance.” Harry smiled, took my in his arms, and kissed me like he’s never kissed me before.


The End

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