Wanted You More

Bethany is top in her class, head-strong, and basically you're definition of a perfect girl but she has no intention of trying to be like every other girl and try to get Harry, the popular, good looking, soccer star, to like her...in fact, she doesn't really like him. But when Bethany is assigned to help Harry get his grades up and he realizes that Bethany is different than everyone else, will Bethany cave into giving Harry a chance or will she continue to stick to her idea that he is a spoiled, stuck up ass?

Includes sex, drugs, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing.


42. Jealousy


Our tongues were fighting each other’s and his finally beat mine. We stood up and he pulled me close to his body. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest, making mine beat faster. I felt Harry bite down on my lip, causing me to moan a little. He bit harder making me moan even louder. He slid his hands down my sides, making me tingle. He slowly backed me up to a wall and started kissing down my neck, making me sigh. My hands were tangled in his curls…his thick, chocolate brown, curly locks…

“HARRY, ARE YOU HERE?” Harry quickly pulled away from me and we scurried back to our chairs at the table. We both picked up our pencils, trying to make it look like we were working. “Oh, that’s right…it’s Tuesday.” Anne said. We looked up and smiled. Harry ran his hands through his hair and looked at me. I blushed and turned back to my work.

“You’re homer early.” Harry remarked.

“Yeah, I had a headache.” Anne sighed and ran her hands through her hair. “Bethany, are you staying for dinner?”

“I can’t.” I said slowly. “I have previous dinner plans.”

“Oh; a special someone?” Anne asked, with amusement hidden in her voice. I half smiled and nodded.

“Yeah…” I said slowly. Anne laughed and patted my shoulder.

“Be good now.” She said before walking out of the room. I turned to Harry and he was gripping his pencil tightly; so tight, it looked like it could snap in any second. I smirked, knowing me being with Liam made Harry jealous. This almost made me want to deal with Liam for a little longer just to see how Harry would react.

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