I Wish

Cherry is a 15 year old going through a tough time in school. Everybody hates her. She has friends but they do not stick up for her but one. Elle, her best friend next to Drake. Cherry and Elle are talking to each other and Cherry is getting dirty stares but will that change as she gets new friends?


4. The Relief

*Authors Note* oh my gosh guys I'm so so sooooooo sorry I have not updated since Valentine's day. I've just had a really rough time with school. From trying to keep my grades up B or higher for 1. To keep my phone and 2. So i don't get kicked out of my leadership class i absolutely love. I also have been a REALLY rough time with getting new friends in eighth grade. First, I've been bullied, called emo, said i cut just because i have twoo huge scars on my arm doesn't mean I'm emo. Even since wasn't my fault. Anyways just letting you know if i don't write more chapters just know I'm having a really rough times...... I've even had suicidal thoughts........  so yeah..... i guess i'll right a chapter now..... ~RangerMoon~


Cherry's P.O.V.


It felt really relieving knowing I had someone to tell my life story. I start to explain.


*Flash Back/Story Begins*


Jack runs into my room and jumps on my bed. "Hey Cherry! wake up you are going to be late for first grade!" he says. I wake up in my small bed and look at my brother. I was on 7 and my brother was already 15. "do i have to go Jacky?" i ask in a quiet little kid voice.

"Yes come on! i'll help you get ready." he says. I nod and slide of my bed. I run to my closet and slowly open the door. I see what i want to wear, my red convers, black skinny jeans, a white ruffled shirt that had a brown belt attached to it. I grab it and pull it out. Jack smiles and goes over to me. I had mature pretty fast just like my now dead mother, sadly she had died when i was two and she died of cancer. I was in first grade and i already needed a bra because my body was develepoed more than the other girls. I look at Jack shyly. "Turn awound!" i say to him. "Ok sassy" he says. I get ready and i slip on my small black cardigan... I finish and i run to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Jack follows me.

"Want me to do you hair little Cherry Berry?" he asks.

I nod. He smiles and starts to fish tail my hair. I look at him as he finished. "ready to get some breakfast?" he asks me gently.

"ewww..... bweakfasht aftew bwushing my tweeth." i say with a look of disgust. He laughs at me and picks me up and grabs my backpack. he walks me to school. I see my friends Drake and Elle from kindergarten and i run over to them and hug them. "Hi!" i say excited. They smile "HI!!!" they both say. we walk to our classroom together right as we turn a corner a little boy came running over and push me down violently. "STUPID WITTLE WED HEAD!" he yells at me I land on the ground and start to cry.

~Skips a few years to Seventh Grade~

I was still getting bullied, i had come home fopr the past 7 years crying. Did anyone care? NO! Well anyways it was my first day of middle school and i was really scared and nervous. I walk onto Campus. I search for Drake  and Elle. I spot them but some eighth grader with brown flippy hair accidently runs into me. "Oops sorry!" he says and runs away. I shrug. he was cuteish. I watch him go. I walk to my locker and i feel some come up and push me against my locker. i gulp and turn seeing a tall guy with short brown hair. he smirks at me. He punches me in the gut and then gives me a black eye. He then leaves laughing with his friends. i now curl up in a ball although it caused so much pain.

~Skips to the middle of eighth grade~

I skipped school today and was writing a letter. I  finish it and i go into my bathroom. i get every medicine from the cabinet and started to swallow the pills, tablets everything, just hoping i would die. I feel myself collapse to the ground but i fall into unconsciousness. When i awoke i was in a hospital bed with my brother standing next to me. I look at him. He looks down at me sadly. I get up and run out since i wasnt attached to any machines. i run to a hard wear store. i get a rope and i run up to my house and into my bathroom. I intented to kill myself no matter how much it took.

~The summer where im entering High School~

It was a week before i start school and i had already tried 23 times to kill myself. I intented this to be the 24 and final attempt hoping this time i would die. I go to a tall building roof. I look down at it and i fall backwards. before i even hit the ground i go into unconsciousness preventing me from dying and even hurting myself. I then awoke 32 hours later in a hospital bed and machines hooked up to me.

*Flash back/Story ends*

Louis's P.O.V.

I listen to her sadly as she tells me about all her suicide attempts. 'Who would do that to Cherry?' i ask myself. I wrap her up in my warm arms. I feel her cry into my chest. I felt my heart pounding out of my chest. I somehow wanted to protect this fragile girl i held in my arms. To tell her she was loved and to ignore the bullies. I wanted to punch the guys that did this. I then recalled the kid with brown flippy hair. i gulp. "That kid that ran into you..... in seventh grade..... that was me." I murmered in her ear. I needed to tell her to make her know i didnt mean to hurt her.

Cherry's P.O.V.

Thats how i knew him! He looked so familiar! I look up at him. "Really?" i ask.

"Y....Yes." i hear him reply. I look down not wanting him to look at me.

Louis's P.O.V.

I see her look down. I needed to tell her that i was sorry about her past. "Im really sorry this happened to you." i say sadly.

she turned her head away and looked down. I look at her. 'Screw it' i think to myself. I gently lift her head and turn her head to me. I look into her teary eyes. I couldn't control what i did next. I just lean in and kiss her gently.


*Authors Note 2* I hope you guys liked the chapter. I tried to lengthen this one alot. And sorry some of the P.O.V.s are really short

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