I Wish

Cherry is a 15 year old going through a tough time in school. Everybody hates her. She has friends but they do not stick up for her but one. Elle, her best friend next to Drake. Cherry and Elle are talking to each other and Cherry is getting dirty stares but will that change as she gets new friends?


2. The not so Hell Hole of a First Period

Louis's P.O.V.


I smile at the girl that sits in front of me sweetly. 'Man she was actually really hot.' I glance at my friends, Niall, Harry,Zayn, and Liam. I point to the girl and they see the awe in my eyes. They start to laugh and I laugh along too. I see her turn around but I just could not help chuckling. I saw her skeptical glance and I smile at her.


We get assigned a year round partner and I glance at the red head I see her turn around to me.  "Hey..... uh..... do you wanna be partners?" I smile. "Sure, what's your name love?"

"Cherry, Cherry Wolf. And yours is?"

"Louis Tomlinson." I say smiling at her.

"Ok. Cool."

I smile at her shyness. It was so cute.


*An Hour Passes. The Bell Rings*


I look at her. "Hey whats your next class?"

"Oh uh... i have Algebra 2....."

"Cool. I have science." He looks at my schedule then his. "We have alot of the same classes."

"Cool." I say with a smile


Cherry's P.O.V.


I go to my locker and one of the jocks closes my locker and starts to bully me he hits my books onto the ground and pushes me down then starts to bully me again. I start crying. I see Louis walk to the bully. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" "or what? you gonna go get the principal?" "yes i will." The bully gives him a cold hard stare then leaves. I cry and pick up my books and binder. He kneels down and helps me. "Sorry about Eddy. Hes been a bully for years...." I stay silent and dont look up at Louis. "th-th-thank you." He smiles and helps me up. "No problem love."


I quickly walk away glancing back at Louis a few times. 'He actually cared enough to help me. Why? I'm just some emo, red haired freak.' When I continued walking to Algebra 2 all i could think about was his gentle, but firm personality, his deep blue eyes, and his voice playing over and over again in my mind. I just met this guy, could i really be falling for him in just a hour and a half.......???

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