I Wish

Cherry is a 15 year old going through a tough time in school. Everybody hates her. She has friends but they do not stick up for her but one. Elle, her best friend next to Drake. Cherry and Elle are talking to each other and Cherry is getting dirty stares but will that change as she gets new friends?


5. The Kiss?

Cherry's P.O.V.


I feel him lift my head and make me look into his blue eye, through my hazy watery emerald green eyes. That's when his lips crash onto mine as we both are very shocked. I pull away and look up at him 'What is playing at? Was he trying to make me like him so later he can just tear me down and laugh? Why is he caring about me? About my past?' Questions shot through my head like bullets through paper. I look at Louis strangly.


"W...w...what was th...that for?" i ask very very timidly


"I wanted to show you that you are loved, that i can protect you from those bullies. I don't want to see you hurt Cherry. I promise I'll protect you with my life." Louis says to me confidently.


I look at him and smile a tiny bit. 'He actually cares about me. He's a true friend.' I think to myself.


Louis's P.O.V.


"W...w...what was th...that for?" she asks very very timidly. I feel my heart break a little. 'Doesn't she know she can trust me?' i ask to myself.


I look at her and said the only thing i could think of. "I wanted to show you that you are loved, that i can protect you from those bullies. I don't want to see you hurt Cherry. I promise I'll protect you with my life." I say to her confidently.


She had to know i trusted her and I smile seeing her smile. 'She trusts me!' I smile and hold her fragile, bruised and cut body in my arms not willing to let go "since I wanted her to be safe, to be my little darling, that i could cherish, hold and protect. I realize now that I was acting like a jealous boyfriend. But the problem is would she accept that? Would she not want to be my friend if i didn't up hold my promise i made to her? Would she hate me if she got hurt and I wasn't there to see?' I gulp quietly but i decide that those answers will come someday, sometime, at school or not, in public or not, some how our friendship bounded together by my vow of protection would be broken by who knows who, her, me, her friends, my friends, our friends, families, teachers, strangers, the list could go on i knew i just didn't want to know more of the possibilities i could loose my little Cherry Blossom.


Cherry's P.O.V.


I smile at Louis and rest my head onto his chestt as i feel his strong yet gentle arms tense. 'What's going through that boy's mind?' I ask myself as i close my eyes and listen to the steady beat of his heart and his shallow breathing. I knew then and there that i had found my savour, my rescuer, my superman, the boy that i could give my heart to. He was holding me in his arms protecting me from the wild world i call home............


*Authors Note*

Dun dun dun...... Cliffhanger! Sorry that it has been a bit since i last updated but I'm struggling with the flu and i thought, Well Hey! I'm home with my brother watching me, What better time to write, eh? Well anyways i'm not going to continue to ramble on much longer. But..... If anyone is  reading this answer this question in the comments. Do you think Cherry and Louis will become a couple?

xoxo RangerMoon

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