I Wish

Cherry is a 15 year old going through a tough time in school. Everybody hates her. She has friends but they do not stick up for her but one. Elle, her best friend next to Drake. Cherry and Elle are talking to each other and Cherry is getting dirty stares but will that change as she gets new friends?


3. Lunch Time

Harry P.O.V.


I watched as Louis got his food and went to go sit down at a table. I watched hims as he opened a notebook and started to draw something, I knew he was a good drawer but he was day dreaming ever since first peirod. I sat next to him. After a few minutes of awkward silence I spoke to him. "So Lou what you drawing Mate?"


"Oh, its..... uh..... nothing." He said and I saw him close his notebook and put it away. 'Ok that was weird.' i thought to myself and turned away to eat my lunch.


Louis's P.O.V.


'Why was Harry asking me questions?' I ask myself. I looked down awkwardly and started to eat quietly when I see Cherry walk in talking to some of her friends then i saw her hug a tall, muscular, black haired Emo. I became jealous and look down and eat my food slowly. I hear someone else enter the cafeteria and see Eddy. He was heading to the front of the hot lunch line and grabbed his food and paid. I glance at Cherry hoping he wasn't going to bully her. I sighed sudenly.


"Whats wrong Louis?" I hear Zayn ask.

"Nothing Zayn." I answer quickly and finish eatting then go back to my drawing notebook.


Cherry's P.O.V.


I ran up to Drake and hugged him. "Hey Drake!" I see him smile and feel him hug me back. "Hey Cherry. Wanna go sit in the sun on the steps?" "Sure!" We made our way over there and sat down. We eat and talk. I start giggling at something Drake says. I see Louis glance at me. I wave and see him smile and I stick my tongue out at him. He smiles wider. I look away and look at Elle who was smiling and talking to Drake. I shrug and pull out my homework. I finish it and sigh not knowing what to do.


I was looking around at everything then I see Eddy and a friend walk over. They push Drake and Elle away from  me. They start to bully me. They start by saying bad language at me then they start punching and kicking me. I start to cry they smirk and then walk away after I sit on the floor all black, blue, and red. I taste blood in my mouth and see some of my cutting scars reopen and bleeding all over my arms. I see Louis getting up to run over. I cry and do not want him to see me like this so I grab my bag and run to a building and i slide down the slick walls. I curl up in a ball and start to cry my eyes out. After a minute or two I feel a hand on my shoulder and I wince. I look up and see Louis. He squats next to me. He was holding bandages and water with a soft towel. He starts to clean me up. He puts bandages all over my arms. I look up at him.


"Th-th-thank you." I say in a whisper.

"No problem." he sits next to me.


I feel him hug me. I cry to into his shoulder. He rubs my back. "How long has this gone on, the bullying I mean?" He asks. "M-m-my whole life." I sniff. He looks saddened. "Why would someone do that? You are so sweet!" I blush. "I dont know." " Can you tell me about it?" I sigh and start telling him my whole life story


~Author's Note~

Hey Guys! Thank you for reading my book. ;) Will you guys please leave comments, like' and fav? Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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