I Wish

Cherry is a 15 year old going through a tough time in school. Everybody hates her. She has friends but they do not stick up for her but one. Elle, her best friend next to Drake. Cherry and Elle are talking to each other and Cherry is getting dirty stares but will that change as she gets new friends?


1. Let Freshman Year Begin


~Cherry's P.O.V~

My brother pulls up at my new school I can already tell who the jocks are and who the nerds are. I sigh to myself. "Well here I go. I am officially a high schooler. I hope it won't be like middle school over again." I smile meekly at my brother. "Thanks for driving me to school Jack." I see him smile his 'famous' smile. "No problem Cherry, you will do great don't be nervous you still have Elle and Drake there to help you through." I nod and step out of his pick up. I close the door and walk onto campus.


I see my friend Elle and I walk over to her. "HI ELLE!"


"Hey Cherry! Ready to start high school and get a fresh start."


"Yep!" I say sarcasticly and put on a fake smile. I then frown when I see people looking at me. I saw girls pointing at me and people laughing. Tears spring to my eyes because i knew they were laughing at my emo firey red hair. I start to sniffle.


"Do not pay attention to them Cherry! They are just jealous of you." She says smiling at me.


I blink my gratitude to her. We smile and walk into school I see my emo friend Drake. I smile at him as he looks at me and runs over hugging me. "Hey Cherry." "Hi Drake!" I say finally happy for once in my life time. We all sigh as the bell rings and walk to our first period classes.


I see people pointing and laughing at me.  'Yep this is just gonna be like middle school. Oh joy time to get bullied AGAIN! Woo!' I think and walk to my class and sit down next to 5 really cute guys. But one stood out more than the others and I look down shyly. 'This is gonna be an interesting first period.' I sit back and listen as my teacher starts talking over everyones voices and i hear the five guys laughing silently and I just hoped it wasnt about me.....


*Authors Note* Hello. Im new to writing on here, I havent written anything yet and this is my first book as of 2013. I hope you guys will read this, favorite it, and leave me some comments. ;) have a nice day!

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