Forbidden love

Forbidden Love is about an average teenage girl and a pop star falling in love.


2. The Tour

   "Yes!" I say "I love him!" "Zayn truth or dare?" I asked him. "Dare." he said "Ok I dare to switch clothes with Liam and pretend to be each other!" I say. Zayn and Liam go in the other room. "Niall truth or dare?" (says Zayn as Liam) "Dare!" says Niall. (NIALL'S POV) Now I was rethinking my answer. Zayn I mean 'Liam' had a  mischievous look in his eyes. "I dare you to kiss Miranda!" he said, everyone gasped. Miranda looked nervous. (MIRANDA'S POV) What if I'm a bad kisser? What if he dosent like me? "Guys can you keep a secret?" I said. Everyone nodded "I've never kissed before..." I said embarrassingly. "Wait! If this is your first kiss it shouldn't be like this it needs to be special!" Niall exclaimed. Everyone agreed "Time for beddie bye!" said Louis. "Bye guys goodnight!" said Gen as we went to our rooms. Niall and I got to the room and got ready for bed. I strarted my video diary when "Hey guys I'm Niall!"  said Niall from behind me. "Can I join?" he asks. "Sure! Hey guys this is Niall my..."I say. "Boyfriend!" Niall says excitedly. "Yeah so it's time for bed!  Bye!!!" I say as I turn the camera off. We get in bed and fall a sleep. I wake up but Niall is not next to me. I get up and get dressed. There's a note on the door it reads "Breakfast at Louis's room!" I take it off and go to Louis's room. I walk in and I can smelll the donuts. "Where is Louis?" I ask "In bed!" repiles Zayn. I walk over to Louis's bed. "Wake up Louis it's breakfast time." I say quietly. "Is Niall awake?" he mumbles. "Uhh yeah!" I reply. "WAIT I WANT BREAKFAST TOO!" Louis says as he jumps out of bed. Niall steps away from the donuts and Louis runs to the donuts and stuffs two in his mouth then sits down to drink some coffe. Then everyone acts like nothing happened. "Soooo... doing anything today?" Niall asks me. "Umm... no why?" I ask. "Wanna go to the National Park Zoo for lunch?" he asks. "Sure I'd love to!" I reply. (11:00) We got in the ivan and put up our hoods. We get there and park in a reserved parking lot for the famous. Niall walks in and shows the entrance lady his ID. He sings some lyrics and she let's us in. We walk into the penguins exhibit since Niall's the let us feed the penguins. We go in the icy home of the penguins. We throw them some fish "Awwww! Look they're sharing!" I say. Feeding time ends and we go to the Sea Lions. We're let in and we feed them, next the monkeys! We get in and something climbs on my back. "That's Ringo! Named after the famous Beatle!" says the zookeeper referring to the monkey on my back. "I love the Beatles!" I reply. "Oh and that's Lucy." says the zookeeper pointing to the monkey on Niall's. We feed them and play with them. "Bye Lucy! Bye Ringo!" I say as I exit the monkey exhibit. We leave the zoo area and go deeper in to the park. We find a big rock and climb on top of it. We sit back to back. "So how do you like New York City?" Niall asks me "It's great and very busy!" I reply. "Miranda?" he asks. "Yes?" we turn to face each other. Suddenly he presses his lips against mine. I close my eyes, then I hear "Click click! Click click!" I ignore it. Our kiss ends, Niall takes my hand. "Click click!" "There it is again!" I say. "What?" he asks then we hear a "Click!" followed by a flash. "PAPARAZZI! Let's go." yells Niall. We jump off the rock and we run into the Zoo gift shop. "I got go to the toilet!" I say as I walk into the ladies room. I wash my face and reappile my makeup. I walk back into the shop. Niall hands me a snow globe. It has two little penguins inside and has a little plack that says 'National Zoo' . "How did you know?" I say. FYI I have a snow globe collection. "I was just lookin thourgh your video diaries..." he says. "Thanks love!" I say as I kiss him on the cheek. We put up our hoods and zip up our jackets. We run into the van and drive to the hotel. We walked to Harry's room I saw Gen on the couch. "Umm gals me and Niall need to talk." Harry says as he pulls Niall into the other room. I scream and fall on the couch next to Gen. "What?" she asked "He he... Kissed Me!" I say stuttering. "Really? Wow!" she repiles sarcastically. "I'll go check on the boys." she says as she leaves the room. I sit up and admire my new snow globe. I get up and walk into the room, Niall is crying on Harry's shoulder. "What happened?" I ask sad to see Niall crying. Harry takes my hand "Love, you know Niall loves you but management doesn't want him to date a fan..." he said. He sat down "If Niall goes out with you he cant be in the band!" Gen says. "But..." I say as tears run down my face. I run out the room I run across the hall into me and Niall's room. I lay on the bed and cry! (Niall's POV) I run and fall on the floor. Harry picks me up and puts on the bed. I get free and run to our room. I was bawling my eyes out, I could see Miranda was too. (MIRANDA'S POV) "But... How could you let them tell you who to love?!" I scream as Niall sits on the bed. "I can't just leave the band! What do you expect me to do?" he argues. "I don't know I just thought maybe you could actually stand up for us! But I guess when your famous nothing matters except YOU!" I yell as I pack up my stuff. "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!" Niall pleads. "What I'm I supposed to do!" I yell. I get my luggage and walk out and slam the door. I strom off down the stairs into the lobby. I rush out the doors and get a cab. I go to a friend's apartment "Hi Lily can i spend the night?"she seems confused at first. But sympathetic and caring "Hot chocolate?" Lily asks "Yes please!" I say as I wipe away some tears. We have our hot cocoa and explain me and Niall's argument. "So are you still going to Los Angels for the concert? You bought tickets so don't waste them." she asks. "But how can I? I mean it's hard enough to think about him let alone hear him sing live!" I explain. I get out my laptop and look up planes to Los Angels. I decided that I would go because no one likes to waste money... Right?
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