Forbidden love

Forbidden Love is about an average teenage girl and a pop star falling in love.


1. The Concert

     "Yes! I know! Mother it's ok I'll be home before Halloween! Yeah I'm boarding the plane now. Ok! Bye love you!" I hang up the phone and get in my seat. I look out window as the plane leaves it's airport. "America!" I whisper to myself. America the place to be, also the place of the next one direction tour. I had my 1D shirt on I was so excited! A girl sat next to me "So... you like one direction? She asked even though she guessed the answer. "You wanna meet them?" She asked with a smile. "Umm YEAH!!!" I said. Suddenly five guys in hoodies came over. "Hello!" the first one said as he flipped his hood back "We!" said the second "Are!" said the third. "One!" said the fourth "DIRECTION!" said the last. I froze I couldn't believe my eyes! They all laughed at my astounded face. Harry and the girl sat together. And Louis Liam and Zayn squished in a seat in front of me. Niall sat next to me and winked. "So is it your first time going to America?" he asked I hesitated. "Yes..." I answered shaking. My hand quivered, he toke hold of it. I blushed "It's alright love. I won't judge you. Just treat me like any normal bloake!" he said with a smile. Louis turned and faced us "So how you lovebirds doing?!" he said with a smirk. "Stop it Louis!" Niall said shooing him. Louis popped a carrot in his mouth and turned around. I giggled, we spent the rest of the flight talking about or lives, interests and goals in life. At the end of the trip I felt like knew him my whole life. We were now friends, good friends. The plane landed and the girl came over "So will see you at the concert?" she asked me. "Yes!" Niall repiled handing me a back-stage pass. I got my stuff and went to my new hotel room in New York City. I couldn't wait till tommorow night. I unpacked and made my video diary. I went to sleep at 8:00 because tommorow was a big day. I got up at 7:00 and got breakfast. I was dressed and ready I watched some telly and called my mom. It was around lunchtime I was starving. I called room service and 2 minutes later a handsome man came in with a food cart. "So are you staying here alone?" he asks me. "Taken!" I say as I give him a tip. He leaves and I strart my dinner. I then turn the telly and see Harry and that girl being interviewed. I sit on The couch and turn up the volume. "So how long have you two been together?" asked the interviewer. "Well me and Gen are old friends before I went to the Xfactor. And then we found each other again. So... about two or three weeks." said Harry. They talked about the upcoming tour then the rest of 1D came in and sat in chairs. "So other than Harry does anybody have a loved one?" the interviewer asked. "Well I've been seeing someone." said Niall. "Who?" asked Zayn. "Her name is Miranda and she's coming to the tour and I hope she likes me." Niall said. I gasped "He likes me?" I said. "Ooooo!" they said.  They were also amazed. I rewind and viedo tape him saying it. I sent it to my mom and friends they all think it's really sweet.   (4:00) I got my posters, my ticket and my backstage pass. I want to get there early so I get a cab. There was some traffic, probably other fans. I got to my seat and put down my stuff. There was already about a hundred people there. A man in a security uniform came over to me. "Are you Miranda Sharp?" he asked me. "Yes..." I said confused. "Come with me." he said. I got my stuff followed him. We walked backstage and the boys were combing there hair. Niall came over and hugged me. "I got you a front row ticket!" he handing me it. We talked till 5:00 then he went and got ready and I went to my new seat. About two hundred more people had filled the rest of the seats. It was show time the curtain went up and everyone cheered. Liam walked on stage and strarted with One Thing! The rest came on and sang it was AMAZING! Niall kept looking over at me, I felt so special. Then they went onto What Makes You Beautiful and then Live While Were Young. They got to Everything About You and Niall just kept staring at me. It was great I love America!!! The show was over and most people left screaming with pleasure or crying tears of joy. About fifty people stayed and went back stage. People got autographs and pictures. I found Niall there was only about twenty people left. After every picture was taken and signed Paul shooed the fans. Niall toke my hand and we ran into his dressing room. "So how was the show?" he asked. "GREAT!" I replied and I really meant it. I waited outside while he got ready. "So wanna come with us for the rest of the tour?" he asked. My heart was thumping "Sure! But we have to get my stuff from the hotel." I say eagerly. We get in the van and he drives to the hotel. We get in the room and I pack up. We get the luggage in the car and drive back. "So your coming?" Paul asked pointing at me. "Yes that's what I'm told." I say. "Where to next?" asks Harry. "Los Angels, California!" says Paul. "When we going?" says Louis. "In a week." said Paul.     "Where are we staying?" asked Zayn. "Well we can go there now if you're ready. We nodded and Louis and Paul took the van and the rest of us went in the bus. Me and Niall sat together "So yesterday I was watching some telly and I saw you and the guys and umm..." I said. "Is it true? Because I don't want things to be awkward and..." "Yes it's all true! I like you." he says with a smile. (NIALL'S POV) I was scared, she probably doesn't like me. Wait, who am I kidding I'm Niall Horan 1/5 of One Direction. "So what now?" I asked. "I don't know. Oh were here!" she repiled. We got out of the bus and  met up with Louis and Paul. It was a nice hotel it was big, it has a pool and balconies. (MIRANDA'S POV) It was amazing, the hotel was HUGE but we only got five rooms. "Where will I sleep?" I ask Paul. "Your bunkin with Niall." he repiled. We carried our luggage into our rooms. And Paul left to go to his hotel. We went to Harry's room. "Truth or Dare anyone?" asked Louis. We all nodded our heads, Niall and I sat on the foot of the bed. Louis sat in chair and Harry and Gen sat on one couch. Liam and Zayn sat on the other. "Truth Dare Liam?" said Louis. "Truth!" he repiled. "Hmm... Who do you like? I mean like-like!" Louis asked. "Umm no one. But have been feeling quite lonely actually." said Liam. "Aww poor little Liam." Louis says in a baby voice. I giggled "Truth or dare Harry?" says Liam. "Dare!" Harry repiles "Umm go out in the hallway and scream I LIKE BANANAS!!!" Liam says. Niall gets a camera and we follow Harry to the door. Harry walks into the hallway "I LIKE BANANAS!!!" he screams. He runs inside as people come out of there rooms. "WE'RE TRYING TO SLEEP!!!" yells an old woman. We all  run inside and lock the door. "Louis truth or dare?" Harry asks. "DARE!" he replies "Pour ice down your pants!" he repiles as he gives Louis a bucket of ice. Louis pours the ice down his pants "AHHHHHH IT'S COLD AHHHH OOOOO EEEEE MOMMY!!!" he screamed! We all burst out laughing once we calm down we got serious. "So Miranda truth or dare?" Louis asks me. "Truth!" I say "Do you love Niall?" he asks. "Well if I had to I'd say..." my voice trailed off I looked into Niall's eyes. I was lost in my mind he was smiling so happily!
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