Forbidden love

Forbidden Love is about an average teenage girl and a pop star falling in love.


3. LA

   We have a very quiet dinner and I pull some PJs out of my suitcase. I do a short video diary. I cry myself to sleep wishing I hadn't left. In the morning I wake up to the sound of Little Things. I instantly bawl my eyes out, finally the song ends and I get a bagel for breakfast. After breakfast I get dressed and look at my laptop. I buy my plane ticket, Lily walks out dressed with her hair all wet. "Can I take a shower?" I ask. "Sure feel free!" she repiles cheerfully. I take a shower and try to rinse off my memories. When I'm done I decide to go shopping I throw on a casual shirt and skinny jeans. I walk out into Times Square, I run straight to Broadway! There is a man selling tickets $50 a piece. Probably desperate, I buy the first ones I see and walk into the theatre. WICKED was great I've heard good reviews but I didnt distract me from Niall. I buy a hot dog from a vendor and eat it outside the M&M'S store. When I finish I pop inside the store. "Just a quick look!" I tell myself. By the afternoon I had 10 full bags of M&M'S. I get back to the apartment and pack. "My plane leaves in 20min!" I say as I wait by the door. "Just take a taxi!" Lily yells back at me. I run out the door and into a cab. I get to the airport and on the plane. I look out the window. I turn my iPhone on and pop in my earbuds and fall asleep to Californa Gurls! I wake up and the plane has landed. People were talking and rushing out of the plane. I slowly followed, hopefully THEY won't be here. I hop into a cab and direct him to the nearest hotel. It wasn the nicest but itll do. I got changed and ordered pizza. I flipped on the Telly only to find Gen and Harry telling the world they were engaged. Wait what?!?! Engaged?!?! Niall looked like he was about to cry. And when Ellen asked him about me, he ran off stage crying. They cut the show early. I figured they were going home. I flipped off the Telly and climbed in bed. Does Niall actually miss me? I went to sleep questioning my ways. 
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