bloodly love and war? (+15)

a girl meets one band.....that are...what!?


2. 2.

    (NIALLS POV!!)

what did she just say "i think i love u niall" what...why me my best friend is in love with me but that was 3 years ago...i moved and went to the xfactor...we lost contact but me and the lads are going out for a bite...well u know right all of us boys are vampires...u knew that right...well now u do! well anyways...i need to eat...bye!




"ALICE GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! " my dad yelled

great another day of getting abused and with that i ran down stairs with my bag that had my laptop with charger phone and charger and a weeks worth of cloths,food, and water and ran for it i ran and ran until i bumped into someone...Niall....



"yeah..." i look behind me to see my dad running after me i grabed niall and ran for my life and let him take me to the flat

"alice what happened to u!?"

"my mum died and dad has been like this sence...for 3 years...and i was without u the whole time...i felt so..lonely ive cut and straved and tired to kill myself niall!! without u i was nothing but a useless piece of crap!!! but i still love much..."


WHAT! ok soooooo this is my other one and my first one is what to except to u can cheak that out and im sorry for all the missed spelled words anddd i will update as much as possabile and this is very sexual and all that so please nobody under 15!! xoxo alice


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