What is Love

Ashton is not very popular at her school. She only has a few friends. It doesn't help that she is the only person that is not a fan of one direction at hermschool. What happens when the go to her school for the year? Will true love strike? Find out.


13. That moment

Me and harry walked into the house hand in hand. "AWWWE!!!" Liam shouted. Harry started blushing and I busted out laughing. Niall and Louis shot him looks of hate and me looks of pain. What was I supposed to do? "Ashton can I see you for a minute?" He asked. I hesitantly agreed and walked into my room with him and he shut the door. "What is it Ni-" I was cut off by his lips smashing onto mine. It felt so wrong, but so right. I felt myself kissing back then quickly pulling away. "Niall..." I said "shhhhhh..." He whispered. "You never gave me a chance to do that. Ashton, I am in love with you." "Niall. I am dating your band mate." I said. "So you just kissed me back for no reason? You had to have felt something or you wouldn't had done it!" He said in a more forceful tone. "Niall... I am with Ha-" he cut me off again. "Fine. But promise me one thing, if you break up. Talk to me first. Because he is not a relationship type. He won't love you like I would." "Niall..." I said. "If we do, I will talk to you first." He had a look of delight on his face as he walked out of the room. Was what he said true? I sat on my bed and pondered the idea. About five minutes later Harry came in. "You ok love?" Should I tell him. "Ya just fine." I replied. Lie. "Ok well me and the lads are going out to eat. Would you like to join us?" He asked. "No I am ok.." I said. "Well I am not leaving you here alone so...... ZAYN.. LIAM!!! COME IN HERE!!!!" He shouted "What is it?" Liam asked. "You are going to stay here with Ashton. She doesn't want to come eat and she isn't staying alone. I would but I am starving." He said. "Fine." Zayn replied. Liam and Zayn both shot a smile at me. Oh please don't let anything weird happen, please.
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