What is Love

Ashton is not very popular at her school. She only has a few friends. It doesn't help that she is the only person that is not a fan of one direction at hermschool. What happens when the go to her school for the year? Will true love strike? Find out.


8. Such a Jerk

He stood there speechless and then bolted for the hallway. I excused myself from the table and ran after him. As I did I could tell i got some questionable looks from the guys. Oh well. I finally caught up to him and he took me by the shoulders and kissed me. I was disappointed, not by the slow, passionate kiss, but by the fact that there was no spark. Crap. That means that I was falling for one of the boys. No, no I wasn't. When he pulled away, his big brown eyes stared into mine. Suddenly a look of hurt filled them and he trudged away.

"Why would you say that stuff if u didn't mean it?" He asked as he walked away.

I don't know. Why did I say it? To prove a point? Either way what I had said had just been proven to be false.

As he walked away he flipped his sandy blonde hair and said "Just forget about us!!"

"No freaking problem!!" I shouted back.

Just then, Scarlet and Lizzie came into the hallway. Great. They had confused looks on their faces and then shrugged it off.

"The boys said that they are gonna go ahead and go to fifth period if u want us to go with them." Lizzie said.

"Ok let's go." I replied trying to fight the tears building up inside of me.

*end of the day*

Lizzie and scarlet got my phone number and gave me theirs. They were two of the few tolerable girls at this school. Anyways the guys were already piled into the car as soon as i unlocked it. They started a conversation on the best restaurant in town and I zoned them out until we got home. Then I ran upstairs and locked myself in my room and checked my phone. Sixty seven messages and thirty missed calls. Half of the messages were 'please talk to me' and 'I am sorry' and some were from Becca asking about my day. I decided to call her and after one ring, she picked up.

"Hey! Why did it take u so long to call??" She practically screamed into the phone.

"Oh sorry I was driving and didn't have the best day." I muttered.


She knew me so well. So I explained what had happened and she said "He doesn't deserve you!" "Thanks Becca! I can always count on you!" I said "now I have to go, the boys want me." I said she said 'ok' and hung up. The boys had been beating on my door for about fifteen minutes now and and when I opened the door they froze. Louis finally broke the silence by saying,


I giggled and agreed. When we sat in our circle, I sat by Zayn and Liam this time, Niall started. "Zayn, truth it dare?"

"Truth." He said


The boys started laughing so hard I thought they were gonna pass out.

"Ok..." Niall said "what did you say to Ashton at lunch that made her blush?"

I could feel my cheeks burning again as he answered.

"I just said that she looked lovely." He said.

"Stay away she is mine" the others said in unison.

That kind of creeped me out.

"I am nobody's!" I exclaimed proudly.

"Ok, ok" Zayn said "Ashton truth or dare?" He asked.

I did not expect this clearly they could tell to as I looked up from where I was texting the girls to come over.

"Dare. But I did invite the other girls over so whatever your sick and twisted minds come up with might need to be a short one. They will be here in ten minutes." I said clearly talking about Becca, Lizzie, and Scarlet.

"Ok fine then.. I dare you to call Nate and put him on speaker. We heard what happened and we wanna give him a piece of our minds." Harry said.

"Ok. Fine" I agreed as I pulled out my phone and dialed the number.

"Ashton! Thank you so much for calling. What I said was out of place and I am so sorr-"

he got cut off by Liam saying, "Listen here mister. You have no right to say those things that you did! You tore her apart! You don't deserve her!" He screamed.

"You never even loved her? Did you?" Harry added.

"I loved her first and always will!" Nate screamed. "I will never deserve her but I can assure you that I love her!"

I had tears in my eyes and grabbed the phone, turned it off speaker, and whispered "I have given up on us. I am sorry" and hung up and ran to my room.

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