What is Love

Ashton is not very popular at her school. She only has a few friends. It doesn't help that she is the only person that is not a fan of one direction at hermschool. What happens when the go to her school for the year? Will true love strike? Find out.


3. News To Me

Ashton's P.O.V
School finally ended and the guys stared me down all day. The only one who even talked was Niall. He was pretty cool. Anyways I walked out to my car with Becca and discussed what happened today. Just the I got a text.

Mom: hey when are the guests coming?

What? What guests?

Me: what are u talking about??

Mom: you know that band? Your principal told me they are staying here..

No, no. No. No. No. Just then I felt someone behind me. I whipped around to find the boys standing there smiling.
"We are ready to go to ur flat!" Harry announced.
"Fine hop in." I said as they ran to my blue car and piled in. I told Becca I would text her and walked to the car. Before I stepped up to the door, Nate came behind me and said "You know I was just kidding this morning, right?" I nodded and pulled the handle. Just as I did I said I'll text you and he replied 'ok'
I sat in the drivers seat and the boys all grinned. "Now we only have enough rooms for four of you." I announced."so one of you has to sleep on the couch. Ok?" They nodded and then Harry chimed in "Or with you..." "No.." I said harshly as they busted into laughter.
As soon as we got home I ran inside and up to my room. The guys followed and Louis screamed,"TIME TO GET TO KNOW EACHOTHER!!" I slapped my phone into my hand and texted Becca and told her I would keep her updated. She said not to get frisky and I told her she had nothing to worry about. The Harry shouted, "Ashton, get down here for truth or dare!!!" I walked down the stairs to find the boys in a circle waiting one me. This otta be fun.
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