What is Love

Ashton is not very popular at her school. She only has a few friends. It doesn't help that she is the only person that is not a fan of one direction at hermschool. What happens when the go to her school for the year? Will true love strike? Find out.


19. He came back

Ashton's p.o.v

He was standing right there. How did he get back? "Hi." He said quietly as he walked up behind me. "How did u get out of jail?" I asked in kind of a pissed tone. "Bail wasn't that high." He replied. "Keep your creepy ass away from me.." I said as I shut my locker. Becca sat down beside me and could tell I was upset. "What's wrong?" She asked. "Nate..........." I trailed off. "He is back?!?!??" She whisper shouted. "Ya... He was in the hall this morning." I said. Becca's p.o.v She looked like a shell of her former self. That courageous, strong girl had faded behind fear. He walked through the door and I quickly sprung out of my seat, grabbed her arm, went to the teacher and said we needed to see the principal. She sighed and we walked out of the classroom. "Mrs. Reynolds. We need to change every class we have to an opposite one of Nate." She nodded obviously knowing what had happened and typed something in on her computer. She printed two sheets and handed them to us. "There now you schedules are completely rearranged." She said with a smile. Good now she was looking a whole lot like herself.

Ashton's p.o.v

I can not thank Becca enough! She just changed both of our schedules to match and never see Nate! I could die of happiness! We walked to our second period class, which was now study hall and I pulled out my phone and texted the guys.

To Niall:

'Hey I changed my schedule... Sorry :( Nate is back and I couldn't take it! Talk to you at lunch?'

It took about ten seconds for him to reply. Dear lord he can text quick.

Niall: 'It's cool! I understand. I miss you already!!!'

I smiled at this.

To Niall:

'Tell the guys!'

I was really looking forward to spending the week with Louis. We really haven't bonded that much and I want to get to know him. About five minutes until the bell, my phone buzzed.

Louis: 'Hey babe! Can't wait until after school!'


To Louis:

'Me either! Bonding timeeee!' I replied. I was ready to get this day over with!

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