What is Love

Ashton is not very popular at her school. She only has a few friends. It doesn't help that she is the only person that is not a fan of one direction at hermschool. What happens when the go to her school for the year? Will true love strike? Find out.


15. Decisions

Ashton's p.o.v.
Why did they BOTH have to like me?!?! I walked up to my room after that and sat on my bed until the boys got home. What they had said scared me.............. What if harry really isn't the relationship type? Does he even love me? Will he get bored??? Maybe I should let him go now.. Before I get hurt. Oh we'll the boys just got back. "HELLOOOOOOOOOO LOVEEEEEEE!" Harry screamed. Was he drunk? "Sorry, he is a bit tipsy." Niall said. I nodded and avoided looking at him. I didn't need to get trapped in those blue eyes. Harry went straight upstairs after protesting. I finally made him go. Now it was just me, Niall, Louis, and Liam. Lord I hope Louis doesn't like me.

*the next day*

"Why did I go get drunk?!?" Harry said with a groan. "Cause u are insane" I said back. He just smirked and said "I will get u later." Nah. We grabbed a quick bite of cereal and headed to school. Today the teacher said he had a 'surprise'. Dear Lord... When we got into fifth period, I sat down in my usual seat, but today, a different set of people sat by me. Scarlet and Lizzie. "They dumped us!" Scarlet said as she sobbed."no!! Did they say why??" I asked. "All they said was that they couldn't be with us..." Lizzie said. I am going to have a SERIOUS talk to them when I get home! Ugggghhhhhh.
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