What is Love

Ashton is not very popular at her school. She only has a few friends. It doesn't help that she is the only person that is not a fan of one direction at hermschool. What happens when the go to her school for the year? Will true love strike? Find out.


1. First day back

Ashton's P.O.V
Well today we started back to school, or as for me.. Torture. I am the one who is always being bullied at our school and I am a junior now! I have never really fit in. For starters, all of the girls at my school are directioners and I just personally don't like the band. One of my only friends won't even shut up about them! And it doesn't really help when you aren't pretty. Well anyways I haven't ever had any type of relationship cause I have either "friend zoned" the guy or don't like him at all. And yes I am one of those girls who hangs out with more guys then girls.
So I get out of bed and rush to the bathroom. I throw on some sweat pants and a grey hoodie and some makeup. I am seriously trying my hardest not to be noticed today. I stick my dark brown hair in a pony-tail and run downstairs ready to be yelled at by my mother about how I am "not dressed appropriately for the first day of school" and how "u shouldn't expect this year to change if I don't try." You would think that she actually cared about something other than her job, which is teaching. Luckily she teaches at a different school. The only bad part is she knows my every move now that she is friends with all the teachers, so she kinda gets on my nerves with all the questions. Even though she knows all the answers.
So I finally arrive at the hell-house and hop out of my Toyota Camry. My friend, Nate is waiting outside of the car. He walks my way and bluntly states, "Didn't try hard this year, did we?" Clearly gesturing my outfit. "Nope!" I holler as I walk away.

Nate's P.O.V
She looked beautiful even when she didn't try! Sadly she doesn't know it... We have been best friends since the fourth grade and since then we have gotten really close and we spend a lot of time together. But for now, she thinks of me as a brother. Crap

Ashton's P.O.V
He is so stupid! He always says stuff like that! Oh well. I have liked him since the sixth grade but I guess we are more like brother and sister to him so.... Anyway, I walk into the halls and the first person I see is Becca! She is one of my only girl-friends I have at this school and I am grateful to have her. She is the complete opposite of me today. She has her long, blonde hair curled and a mint green burnout shirt with a black tank-top under it. She has on black, knee high boots and skinny jeans. I can't even tell how we are friends! She comes toward me running and screams at the top of her lungs, "Have u heard?!??" I sputter back, "Calm your tits woman! Now what us the news?" "One direction is gonna be here in Alabama playing for a fundraiser and they are gonna come to our school for the year!!" Perfect. One of my least favorite bands is coming to our school. How could this get any better.
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