I`ll Be Your Everything


3. 3





                                                                                  Chapter 3




I woke up the next morning around 10:00. Harry was still sleeping next to me. I slowly got up and walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror."Wow my hair is a mess."I said to myself. I got my brush and fixed my hair. When I came out Harry was sitting up streching on the bed. I went and sat next to him and hugged him. "Go get dressed and I`ll go home and get ready."I said."For what?"He asked. "Well don`t you want to spend the rest of the time together?"I asked. "Yeah okay."He said as I started walking out the door. I walked down the stairs and Anne was making breakfast. "Bye."I said. "Oh I didn`t even know you stayed over."She said. I laughed. "Bye."She said. I smiled and walked out the door. I walked to my house three blocks away. When I got to the door it flew open and there stood my brother,Adam. "Hi."I said. "Hi. Did ya stay over Harry`s again?"He asked. "Maybe."I said. He laughed and moved out of the way. I walked up to my room and went over to my closet. I picked out a black crop top with a red heart on it, a red cami, and denim shorts. I went to take a shower. It took me like 5 minutes. When I was done I put my clothes on and dried my hair. I curled it and put on make-up. I went in my room and checked my phone. I had a text from Harry. I opened it and it said to meet himat his house when I was ready. I walked downstairs grabbed my bag, and put on my red toms. I walked out the door to Harry`s house and saw him waiting on the front porch. He walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. We both got into the car and he drove to the park. We went to the usual spot in the tree that nobody knew about. "Remember when we first met on the swings?"I asked. "How could I forget?"He asked. I looked at him and smiled. We slowly leaned in and kissed. For a long time. And when I say long, I mean LONG.

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