I`ll Be Your Everything


2. 2






                                                                           Chapter 2




   We arrived at Harry`s house shortly after we left.When we wed in the door we were greeted by Harry`s mom who was sitting on the couch watching tv."Hi Rachel how are you?"She asked me."I`m good.How are you?"I asked."I`m fine thanks."She said.I smiled at her."Come on."Harry said grabbing my hand.He pulled me up to his room."Harry do you ever clean in here?"I asked pushing the clothes off of his bed."Nope never."He said."Just don`t tell my mom.She rarely comes in here so she doesn`t know."He added."Okay I won`t."I said."Good."He said."Wanna watch Insidious?"He asked."Um YES!!"I said."Okay calm down."He said.I laughed at him.He put the movie in and sat down next to me on his bed.He fell asleep halfway into the movie with his arm around me.There was a knock on his door and Gemma walked in."Hey Rachel."She said."Hey."I said."soo---wait a minute!"She said."Your dating aren`t you!?"She asked.I blushed."I`ll take that as a yes."She said."I knew it would happen!"She said."Wait."I said getting up and grabbing my phone."Get the shaving cream."I said.She ra into Harry`s bathrom and a minute later she came out with a bottle of having cream."Go put it on him!"I yelled t her."Okay don`t yell at me."She said.I laughed when she was done I took pictures and sent them to Harry."Oh my god."Gemma said laughing.It was 1:00am."I`m gonna go to bed."Gemma said."Okay."I said.I went to get my purse off of the table next to Harry.Then I felt two arms wrap around me."Oh my god you scared the crap out of me."I yelled at him turning around to look at him.He was smiling.I bursted out laughing."What?"He asked.I handed him a mirror and ranto the door.He ran after me and lifted me up.He threw me on the bed and layed on top of me."Harry get off of me!"I yelled at him.He got off of me and lay down next to me."I`m really going to miss you."I said my smile turning to a frown."I`ll miss you too."He said holding me closer."I should probably go home now."I said."Nope your staying right here with me."He said.pulling me back down.Harry fell asleep shortly after."I love you."I whispered and slowly fell asleep.

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