I`ll Be Your Everything


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                                                                                            Chapter 1






"Wait, what do you mean your leaving?"I asked. "My mom told me that when I turned 16 I could audition for the X Factor."He told me."Oh um okay, when are you leaving?"I asked."Friday."He said."Wait it`s Wednesday.We onl have two days left."I said."We`ll have to make the most of it."He said."And I promise if I ever become famous you can come stay with me."He said.I smiled at him."Come on do you want to go somewhere?"He asked me."Yeah where?"I asked."Just come on."He said grabbing my wrist."Harry where are we going?"I asked."Anywhere."He said."Oh my god."I said.We went to the mall first.We walked into the elevator and Harry pressed all of the buttons."seriously?"I said laughing."Yeah."He said.We sat up against the wall.I put my head on his shoulder."I`m going to miss you."I said."Yeah I`ll miss you too."He said.He looked at me."What?"I asked.He leaned in and kissed me.I started kissing back soon after.We stayed like that for another minute.He leaned back when we heard the ding.We looked into eachothers eyes but I quickly looked away and stood up.He stood up to and the rest of the way up was silent.When we got all the way up we walked out and still didn`t talk. We just randomly walked around the store for another hour."So um."I said."Yeah?"He asked."About the kiss..."I asked."Umm I don`t know what about it?"He asked."Well I don`t know.Are we like ya know or just friends?"I asked."I don`t know.What do you want to be?"He asked."I don`t know.You?"I asked."Um well..."He said."Yeah me too.."I said.He smiled and I hugged him.We walked around the store holding hands."It`s going to be hard saying goodbye."I said."Yeah."He said."So what do you want to do next?"I asked."Wanna go to my house?"He asked."Yeah."I said."Okay let`s go."He said starting to walk towards the exit.






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