The Bully

Chase has just come out as gay at school. He has been getting harassed since 3rd grade, and now in 9th grade it has just gotten worse. Now he is getting attacked online as well. It all started with a friendly tweet to Harry Styles. word got out that he is a guy directioner. How much longer will this go on and will Chase be able to push through?


7. Surprise

So we kiss once then look at each other.  Then, we kiss again and again and again.  We are interupted by a knock at the door.  I run to it, and pull open the handle.  I'm greeted by a cute guy with brown curly hair.  You guessed it.  Harry styles was at the door.  Which was a bit awkward at first because me and Noah just made out and standing right there is my crush.  

"Hey Chase, do mind if we could talk?" Harry asked.

"No, come sit down over here," I answer.

I walk Noah out and tell him to go what at the basketball courts.  

"Ok lets get right to it, I heard what happened to you and I feel terrible.  I was bullied as a young kid and its just not ok.  I just don't understand why people have to be cruel.  Every single human is different, so why point out other's flaws when you have them as well, you know?  I want to work with you, a person who has experianced bullying first-hand and me, who is a celeberty and can get anyone to listen to me, and we will stand up to bullies, what do ya think man?"  Harry explains.

I talk a couple seconds to think about this.

"Lets do this buddy!" I shout shaking his hand.

We exchange I-phones and put in our numbers.  

"Day or night man you call me if you have a problem or need to talk," Harry states.

"Deal," I say.

I walk to the door with Harry because I have to go talk to Noah.  I thank him again.  I walk to the basketball courts and see Noah  all alone shooting baskets.  I grab a ball and join him.  The first 10 minutes its just silence, with the sound of the ball clanging against the brim of the basket.  We both used to play basketball as young kids, in fact that is how we met.  Then Noah interrupts by saying, "I'm really sorry for kissing you, I mean I have been holding it inside for so long..." he trails off.

" I actually kind of liked it," I confess.

"Oh, good me too," Noah admits.

He walks up to me and grabs my neck and we kiss again.  We grab each others hand and walk back to my room.  

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