The Bully

Chase has just come out as gay at school. He has been getting harassed since 3rd grade, and now in 9th grade it has just gotten worse. Now he is getting attacked online as well. It all started with a friendly tweet to Harry Styles. word got out that he is a guy directioner. How much longer will this go on and will Chase be able to push through?


1. Prolouge

Today was hell. Lets just put it that way.  I have been out at home for a couple months now.  But not at school.  Today i wore my "I'm Gay" shirt.  I just want to live my life being open.  Secrets they eat you up. UGH I just don't want to be one of those gay guys that commits suicide or cuts.  I'm much better than that.

Let me tell you about myself.  My name is Chase.  Im 14 and a half.  And I'm gay.  Thats pretty much it.  I'm also a directioner.  They are what inspried me to come out.  I'm just really scared to show it.  Imagine what the kids would do if I wore a One Direction shirt to school.  I would literally be beat to shit.  

I'm so glad that my bully was absent today.  Let me break this down for you.  My bully's name is Jackson Frank.  He is a star football player.  Pretty cliche, I know.  It's always him and a group of masculine guys.  My school has no bullying rules what so ever.  I guess their attitude is that, us high schoolers can deal with things on our own.  Lets just see what tomorrow brings.

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