The Bully

Chase has just come out as gay at school. He has been getting harassed since 3rd grade, and now in 9th grade it has just gotten worse. Now he is getting attacked online as well. It all started with a friendly tweet to Harry Styles. word got out that he is a guy directioner. How much longer will this go on and will Chase be able to push through?


2. Out of the Closet

This morning I awoke to a shit storm of Facebook posts.  Every post said like gay boy, or homo etc.  I swore under my breath.  I have always been glad that my bullying never followed me home.  My mom called me.  She seem pissed.  

"Chase!" she yelled, "Did you come out at school?"

"Yes Mom," I replied.

"Have you seen Facebook?"

"Yea mom," I cried.

She ran upstairs to see me in tears.  I can be kind of a baby sometimes.  But with hundreds of posts saying hurtful and derogatory things how could i not break down.  How could I face going to school knowing what these kids were saying.  There were posts saying that I was a male stripper and that I was raping little boys.  That's what tore me apart.  It felt like there was a big western tornado going on in my head right now.  What have I done? I thought I would be happier this way.  

My mom let me stay home.  She was going to talk to the school.  i just sat at home all day on my computer.  Watching One direction video dairies, tweeting Harry styles, and trying to win 1D concert tickets.  I decide to check Facebook at about 1 o'clock.  They found out that I tweet Harry every day.  They made edits of me "doing it" with Harry Styles.  Then i saw a picture of me cropped so it looked like I was a lady.  Then there was one with a belt around my neck.  I called my mom at work and told her.  I gave her my password and she looked for herself.  She said she went to school and they gave her no sympathy.  I figured.  

The door bell rings.  I go to the door and open it.  i get grabbed and a bag gets thrown over my head.  They throw me on the pavement. I'm getting kicked, punched, and slapped. The bag gets lifted off my face and my vision is all blurry.  I see him.  Jackson.  It's Jackson.  I get one last punch to the face and then it all goes black.  everything is BLACK. 

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