The Bully

Chase has just come out as gay at school. He has been getting harassed since 3rd grade, and now in 9th grade it has just gotten worse. Now he is getting attacked online as well. It all started with a friendly tweet to Harry Styles. word got out that he is a guy directioner. How much longer will this go on and will Chase be able to push through?


8. Next Step


It's been about a couple weeks since I tried to commit suicide.  I get out of rehab today and finally get to return home.  Noah and I have been doing online schooling.  I have only exchanged a couple messages with Harry because we both have been busy.  Our plan is to speak up.  Do anything and everything we can to make a difference.  My story doesn't end here.  I will rise above this.


*Phone buzzes*

Text from Harry : Hey Ive got about two weeks down time between tours, Wanna get together and brainstorm?

I imediatley write back.  



"Time to leave sweetie," mom calls.

I grab my suitcase and walk out the door glancing back at the room I once called home.  This day couldn't come any sooner.  We start driving down the driveway and out of "Teens Center for Depression and Suicide". What a joyful name right?  We then soon get on the highway for the 30 minute ride home.  As we are just about to turn off the highway we feel a slight jerk and hear a loud crash.  Next thing we know we are rolling in the car off the side of the off ramp and in to oncoming traffic.  I carefully turn my head to see my mom laying there motionless.  Before I can turn back I get a stabbing pain in my right leg and realize that a part of the door is now protruding outré of my mid-calf.  I try to sit up but am stuck between the the crunched roof, my seatbelt, and the airbag.

I hear a sawing sound moments later.  I have a flash back to my drivers ed class and realize that they are trying to realize me from this car.  I catch a glimpse of the fireman and he motions to the other officier and whispers, "Look at his leg." 


It was a movie scene.  You wake up in the hospital missing a limb.  Well in my case, it wasn't a movie, and this was real life.  I'm missing my leg from the knee down.  All thats left is so gauze and an ace bandage.  I push the call button, and a nurse comes scurrying in.  I ask her where my mother is.  She tells me that she is alive but in surgery.  She tells me to get more sleep and next thing I know I drift off into a deep sleep again.  I dream, I dream of my world as perfect as could be, no bullying, a girlfriend ( yep I said it), And my leg.  But when I wake up, I will realize that I have none of that.  Thant my life is just as boring and sickish as it was before.

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