The Bully

Chase has just come out as gay at school. He has been getting harassed since 3rd grade, and now in 9th grade it has just gotten worse. Now he is getting attacked online as well. It all started with a friendly tweet to Harry Styles. word got out that he is a guy directioner. How much longer will this go on and will Chase be able to push through?


5. Awake

I wake up and I'm in a hospital bed.  I look around me and I have an IV coming out of my wrist.  I'm super sleepy.  The nurse walks in.  She walks up to my bedside to glance at the machines.  She then runs out of the room to get the doctor.  The doctor comes in.  

"His heart rate is dangerously low," Dr. Martin said.

I'm gasping for air now.  My vision starts to go all blurry and I drift off.


I open my eyes and I am surrounded by a dozen or so nurses and doctors around me.

"He's alive!" one shouts.

"Give him some space,"says another.

They all clear out.  My doctor starts to explain what is going on. "You were dead Chase.  We had officially pronouncd you dead.  But your mom pleaded for us to try the defribulator.  You came to but you had a dangerously low heart rate, and were barely breathing.  Then you died again, Chase.  Your heart stopped twice in one day.  You have sustained a stable heart rate for two hours now so I think you will make a full recovery.  When you are feeling a bit better you will be meeting with a phycologist.  You are a miracle Chase.  I don't know the whole storty but u didn't deserve to do that to yourself Chase."

"C-can I see my m-mom?" I mumbled.

"Sure," the Dr. replied.

My mom walks in and I can tell she has been crying.  She looks at me and gets really happy.  She sits down on my bed like she used to do when I was a kid, and apologizes. She apologizes for not being there, for not understanding, and for not helping.  I nod.  The truth is I'm just tired and I don't want to talk about it.  It happened.  I tried to kill myself.  


Two days later, I get discharged from the hospital and transferred to a rehab facility for teens who have tried to commit sucide or have serious self harming issues.  I first met with a phycologist.  We talk about a lot of general information.  Then we get to the tough question.  What was going through my head when I was trying to kill myself.  The answer is i don't freking know.  if I was sane I wouldn't have done what I did.  That's the thing.  I was in a deep dark deprresing hole and wash;t able to get out.  I ahve really only spent 1 day back in the real world but, let me just tell you SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER!  That sounds pretty dumb coming from a guy who dies two times but i could see that my mom was a wreck.  If you are thinking of doing something like this just think, how would my cowardly desicion effect those around me?  Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  

I get to my room.  I turn on my computer.  I go to my email.  I see an email from Harry Styles.  First I think that it's a scam.  It says that he heard what happened.  He wants to help.  He wants to come to my school and talk to them about bullying.  OMG! Is this really happening?  I write him back telling him I am in rehab and that I need some proof its actually him.  I gave him my Skype.  My mom walks in.  She and Dad were leaving now.  The rehabilitation center is 3 hours away from home.  I say good-bye.  Then I just sit down on my bed and think.  Thinking, What have I gotten myself into?
















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