Nothing But Little Things

My name is Ally Payne and i have grown up around divorce and other aweful things. Guys always are a bad idea.. Right? I mean they are all fake. The only good one is my brother. He took me in when my mom was so depressed she didn't know I was there. Which it really wasn't such a bad thing. I got to party all night and do whatever I want.. But will Liam let me do anything?


2. Yes she did..

*Liam's POV*
 Danielle runs into the recording room and says "Its your Mum. She tried it again."
"Commit suicide?''
"Yes, Come on your sister is all alone" she exclaimed like she was gasping for a breathe.
Danielle and I get into the car and Harry got in too. He always wants to see my sister. I think he has a thing for her friend Emily or something. I race to the hospital. I could see the look on Danielles face she was scared. Danielle loved my mum, she was like my sisters big sister. I go to the front desk holding back from crying because of the panic. Harry had a panicked look. I find that kind of surprising because he always has a smile even if it looks sad. I told the thin old lady at the desk my moms name and other information, when I saw my sisters face. She started running to me. We hugged and we started crying. Its a rare thing when Ally cries. She is so fearless. She has the attitude that she doesnt have a care in the world. But she does. I dont know why she acts like she does.
*Ally's POV*
I hugged Liam. We both had been holding back tears and when we saw eachother we both let all our feelings out. We could never hide our feelings from eachother. Danielle looked at me with a sorrowed look on her face. Harry tried to smile. I said, "Oh my gosh I have to call Emily and Derek!'' Liam questioned with a sturn look on his face,"Derek? Must be another one of your boyfriends.." I smirked, "You know me to well." It was true. I never got attached to the guy but I know they did. I didn't care. Niall and Louis always make fun of me about it. According to Harry I should teach a class on being a heartbreaker.
 They always tried to embarass me.. Hahaha never worked.
I told Liam, '' She is in acoma. The Dr. Bullyings says that she could come out of it any moment. She can see and hear us but she cannot react."
Harry suggested, " I can  go get her some presents from the store 5 blocks from here."
I said,"I will come with you Emily works right next to that place." Harrys eyes twinkled everytime I said her name. cute.
*Harry's POV*
Ally got into the car with me and we drove a few blocks to the shop. She phoned some guy on the way. Ally was so confident. You couldn't ever make her blush . Never could she ever be embarassed. She could have any guy she wanted. And thats what she does. It was always kinda weird how Emily and her could be so different but so a like. I think thats why I kind of have a crush on Emily. She is so fun but she is confident. She doesnt exactly have that fearlessness that Ally has. Ally has always seemed so perfect. Like she was really badass. Emily seems so inocent, while Ally was so sexy and seemed so seductive and she didnt even have to try to be. The first timeI saw her I had a little crush but now she is like my sister. We pull into the French restuarant where Emily works. Ally goes in gets Emily. WOW. Emily is perfect. She reminds me of WMYB.
*Emily's POV*
 Ally walks into the kitchen like she owns the place as usual. Ally's eyes were red. Probably hungover. No there is something wrong.
Ally takes a deep breath trying to seem strong and says," My mom is in the hospital. For the same reason as last time."
I say shockingly," Okay, do you want me to come." Ally replies,"Harry wants you there and so do I." so naturally I follow her outside and get into Harrys car.

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