Nothing But Little Things

My name is Ally Payne and i have grown up around divorce and other aweful things. Guys always are a bad idea.. Right? I mean they are all fake. The only good one is my brother. He took me in when my mom was so depressed she didn't know I was there. Which it really wasn't such a bad thing. I got to party all night and do whatever I want.. But will Liam let me do anything?


4. Not A Little Girl anymore

*Ally POV*
 "Liam, I AM NOT A LITTLE KID!! I can live alone! I don't want to live with 5 boys and their girlfriends." I screamed.
 " You are only 17. You CANNOT live alone. It will be ok."
" Everyone will treat me like I am a kid, oh i can just hear Louis now ' Get up for school, I made you pancakes and I packed your lunch.'"
' It is not going to be like that. You know the boys they are just like kids."
"I am not so much worried about them its more about a little daddys girl that lives with yall. I couldn't stand living with that HIGH maintanence blonde."
"Perrie! What the hell did she do to you?"
'' Don't act like you do not know what I am talking about. I want this. And I want that. EWWWWW clean that dust off of that table!"
I ran up to my room as I heard Liam yelling at me for about 20 more minutes. The door was locked. I don't know why all of the sudden I hate Perrie. I think I kind of like Zayn. No I want Zayn. The way he looked into my eyes at the hospital made me feel like he could look right through me. No one ever does that. EVER! And I like it A LOT. I texted Zayn. Asked him if him and Harry wanted to go eat at a local Asian restuarant (my favorite). I was secretly inviting Emily and my really HILARIOUS friend Ana- Claire. Zayn texted back fast. Wow someone has a crush. How could he not want me too. He has to like me too. He is so sexy. No I can't, he is like my brother. He asked if Niall and Louis could come. Of course I said yes.
 While I was waiting for Ana and Emily to text back, I checked my Twitter for the first time since my mom passed. 978,568 mentions... Oh my gosh. I am used to being pretty twitter famous but I didnt even get this many mentions on my birthday. Ana and Em texted back and said they could come. So I got ready in . Louis got me that sweatshirt for my birthday last year. Put on my make up, did my hair. I drove into town in my new car that Liam had bought me 1 week after my mum died. I drove up to find Zayn sitting in his car alone. So naturally I snuck up right by his window, he was looking down at his phone duh. I screamed," HEY!!!!!!" and he screamed LOUD! Which made everyone look at me. He is so hot! I ran around the car and jumped in the passenger seat. ''You screamed like a bloody girl!!"
*Zayn's POV*
 "You screamed like a bloody girl!" Ally laughed. Wow she is perfect. Her laugh is amazing.
" I bet you would have to Birdy!"
"Birdy?? Do we really want to goo all nick names Banger?"
" Ok fine. I need to talk to you anyways." My heart was about to pound out of my chest. I needed to tell someone everything.
" Start chirping..." she said sounding really confident, as always.
"Well, Perrie and I aren't exactly the lovebirds people think we are right now." 
"And you need help breaking her heart?'' She said sadly.
" Kind of."
"Here is what you say 'You are a gorgeous woman. But I found someone that will really-" She kissed me. I thought about pulling away but I couldn't stop. I felt a spark between us that I had never felt before. I had a little crush. Appareantly she did too. Oh shit Perrie is supposed to meet me here to talk. Ally pulled away. I looked up and there was Perrie. How long had she been there? Had she seen everything? She had to of. Ally got out of the car, and started talking to Perrie. Talking?? Really? What is she saying?


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