Nothing But Little Things

My name is Ally Payne and i have grown up around divorce and other aweful things. Guys always are a bad idea.. Right? I mean they are all fake. The only good one is my brother. He took me in when my mom was so depressed she didn't know I was there. Which it really wasn't such a bad thing. I got to party all night and do whatever I want.. But will Liam let me do anything?


5. In an Hour

*Ally's POV*
  I kissed Zayn. I felt fireworks and we sparked. Amazing. I didn't't want to pull away but I did because I felt someone staring at us. I looked up and there was the princess herself, Perrie. Before I knew it I jumped out of the car and started apologizing and explaining.
" WHAT THE HELL? Zayn wanted to meet me here to announce that Ally Payne and Zayn Malik are hooking up!" She just screamed on a busy London street with paparazzi following Zayn to begin with and now they are all rushing towards us. Cameras flashing everywhere and Zayn says," I am sorry Perrie, You are beautiful but i think we are at different places in our life. This just happened. Like just 5 minutes ago. I once liked you but I never truly loved you. I cannot be sorry for who I like." Zayn grabbed my hand and kissed me again. Whoa. Are we an item now? It was just a kiss. Zayn isn't't the kind of guy I can just drop. He looked into my eyes like he could see every little thing about me. "I am sure you will have fun with this little 13 year old." Perrie cried. Did she just diss me. "OH HELLL NOOO, you don't just make a smart ass comment and try and walk away. You listen to me and you listen to me good, I didn't't do a thing to you fat fame-whore." I couldn't't believe I just said everything that I thought in front of all of those cameras. Perrie stared at me for what felt like a year then slapped me. I don't slap I knock you the f out. I punched her right in the nose. " There's the front page story you have always wanted. And the funny thing is I always liked you." Perrie jumped up from the ground got into her squeaky clean red convertible and sped off. The paparazzi wouldn't't stop asking me questions and Zayn grabbed my hand and we went inside the restaurant. Louis, Niall, and Harry had seen it. At least enough to see me give Perrier a reason for a nose job.
 Harry had his hands over his face acting like he did't see anything. Zayn put his arm around me and whispered,"So, what a first date huh?" I took his arm from around me and said," Do you really think this is a good idea? I am going to be moving in the same house as you." 
"Even better."
"My brother will love this." Zayn got down on one knee and said,
"Ally Elizabeth Payne, you are the most gorgeous, fearless girl I have ever met. Every guy that has ever met you has fallen for you and I am one of them. Will you be my girlfriend?"
"Why do you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Look right through me. I can't ever read you."
"I like you a lot."
" Yes."
"Yes... You will be my girlfriend?" Zayn eagerly asked. I nodded my head. Niall said," Can we eat?? I am blooming HUNGRY!!"
"Yes, we are just waiting for- Hey Em and Ana!" I said as I saw Harry's face light up when he saw Emily. 
"Ello Harry and everyone else!"Emily said. "Nice shirt Ally! haha." Ana laughed. "That's the shirt I got you in NYC!!" Louis yelled.
"I knew I needed to wear it for my main man!" I said with a wink. Me and Louis joke like that. "I think I need to get you one that says I LOVE ZAYN MALIK!" Zayn said joking with sense of jealously. Whatever i laughed. Louis and Ana-Claire soon start talking and tune everyone else out. Well I WAS trying to set her and the Nialler up but looks like I got the wrong one.
  Zayn kissed me. Just totally out of the blue kissed me. Emily and Ana-Claire eyes widened. Emily and Ana are really prudent and Zayn is over here kissing my neck... Ughhh I am probably going to have a hickey there."Zayn, not here." I whispered. He looked so deep into my eyes I almost melted. So much had happened in the last hour. Zayn is great. Like wonderful. We went inside and ate. All of the boys ordered something with chicken in it. And usually when you eat at this restaurant, they give you humongous portions so me and Zaynie shared. Louis and Ana are quite close. Louis and Eleanor are still together. Eleanor and Louis are deeply in love I thought. I love Eleanor. What is happening to these boys and there girlfriends. On top of all of this Harry and Taylor broke up a week ago. Everyone dropped there girlfriends, which makes me wonder will Zayn do that to me?

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