Nothing But Little Things

My name is Ally Payne and i have grown up around divorce and other aweful things. Guys always are a bad idea.. Right? I mean they are all fake. The only good one is my brother. He took me in when my mom was so depressed she didn't know I was there. Which it really wasn't such a bad thing. I got to party all night and do whatever I want.. But will Liam let me do anything?


3. Drop Someone

*Liam's POV*
 I sat there waiting on the rest of the guys to get here at the hospital. Ally and I sat right by my moms bed. The doctor came in the room almost crying. I stood up and questioned," Please tell me she is going to be okay." The doctor said," I hate to see children lose there mom. Ally jumped up and screamed," Have you tried everything? Are you sure you have done all you could or are you just being lazy?" The doctor said," I am sorry I give her an hour." He walked out of the room and Ally ran out of the room.
*Ally's POV*
The words the doctor had just said spun in my head like a tornado. AN HOUR? There was nothing else I could do but run. Just run until I couldn't't stop. I bumped in to Zayn as I ran out the doors. Being the person he is he ran after me. I feel to my knees by the HWY that was right by the hospital. Paparazzi came running of course. I didn't't care. Zayn was mumbling something. He was hugging me sitting on the ground. A tall blond girl was sitting next to me. Perrie. She was running her hands through my hair. I just couldn't speak. I tried. Zayn started singing "Slipped Away". Perrie tried to get me to talk. Eventually she went inside to get Liam. So here I am sitting on a curb crying my eyes out right next to a busy Hwy while Zayn tries to calm me down.
 Finally I started to talk. I told Zayn everything. EVERYTHING. About me rebelling to what the doctor had just said. Derek saw Zayn hugging me and got the wrong idea. So I gave him the same speech I gave to every guy I would dump. I said, " I have a lot of fun with you. but this isn't't gonna work."
Derek said," But I love you." I heard Zayn kind of giggle. "I am sorry." I said trying to sound like I was telling the truth. Derek screamed," I hope you and your ego are happy together!" Which made me kinda get a laugh out. Zayn had a smirk on his face, " How the hell do you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Drop someone. You do it like its nothing."
" I date to have fun, not to love. I will eventually love somebody but when the right guy comes along I will."
He was silent for a while the n bluntly said," Well, I am going to need some help."
"Perrie isn't't the girl everyone thinks she is."
"You mean she isn't't a gorgeous, tall, blond, sweet little daddy's girl?"
"She is. She just ISN't for me." My mouth almost hit the floor. '' Who is for you then." Shit, I thought to myself did I just flirt?? My mom is about to die and I just broke up with Derek and now I am flirting. Zayn said, "Maybe you, If you weren't in a serious relationship with your ego. hahah." I knew he was joking. 

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