Nothing But Little Things

My name is Ally Payne and i have grown up around divorce and other aweful things. Guys always are a bad idea.. Right? I mean they are all fake. The only good one is my brother. He took me in when my mom was so depressed she didn't know I was there. Which it really wasn't such a bad thing. I got to party all night and do whatever I want.. But will Liam let me do anything?


1. Alone Again?

  It's me. Liam Payne's little sister. Thats right.
     My alarm goes off at 6 AM. So i get up at 6:30. I shower and makeup, hair and everything else a normal 17 year old does. dressed in this Get to school at 7:45 am.. Just a normal day. Until I get home, my mom is passed out on the couch with a bottle of Tylenol pm right next to her. Oh MY GOD! No this is not happening again. My mum was suicidal as the doctors said. Depressed from divorces and passed relationshipand probably me and partying. I get blamed for every thing that happens. But this is not the time to think about who is gonna get blamed. I couldn't unlock my phone fast enough. I dialed 911 and then called Liam. A familiar voice picked up," Liams phone this is Harry."
I said, " HARRY!! Oh my God meet me at the hospital with my mum tell LIAM OH MY GOSH!! She is barely breathing!"
"We are on our way! Danielle is going to get Liam now!''
"Hurry I don't want to be alone again" I said while trying to hold back tears.
When the boys were on tour in Sweden my mum had tryed this but not nearly this drastic. I was all alone. I had all my friends and my boyfriend Jonathan at the time but that wasn't Liam. I used to hate how Liam would make me feel like a little kid. Like he was my father. Ever since he has been living on the other side of London... I have been feeling so alone. I actually kinda miss the yelling. He has gottin me out of jail everytime I screwed up. He hunted me down when a picture of me at a local tatoo parlor got onto twitter. So I have no tatoos. Surprising isnt it?
  The ambulance arrives and I get in the back with my Mum. I sat there. No crying just sat there. Feeling like it was all a really bad dream. But this pain I felt wasn't a dream. I hated my mom for doing this to me. Making me feel like I have to row up. So ofcourse I rebel completely. Not against her but against my father that basically shunned me after i came home drunk with a hobo (funny story actually). I sat there in the ambulance watching as the shocked her back to life. As the performed every  kind of way you could do CPR. We arrived at the hospital and the took her back in a room. This heavy blonde woman stopped me and said," She will be fine go sit down." I said, "That is my bloody mum. She just almost died and your telling me its best not to be with her."
The lady said, "Your a good listener." She didnt know I was a national champion in the 200k sprint. I stiffed armed the heartless heffer and sprint on by. I followed as the took my mom back and pumped her stomach and put the IV into her arm. Eventually I went back up to the waiting room and shot the stupid fat nurse the best "Go to Hell" look I had in me. Right there by the front desk was Danielle, Liam, and Harry. Liam was holding back tears I could tell. He was pretty sensitive but it still hurt to see him cry.
 I could see the paparazzi outside. I wanted to go flip them off and cuss them. They would have loved that. That would have been a front page story.

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