Rock Me. -Completed-

Hi my name is Marie! I've been through a lot so my cousin Niall told me to live with him!! I was sooo excited when he told me!! But one problem is the only rooms with a queen size bed is Harry's and Liam's ... So Niall told me to sleep in the same room as Liam. I don't know why I'm this lucky to have a cousin in One Direction! **Completed**


47. Silent.

Marie's P.O.V.

I finally finished crying I got up from Zayn and he gets my hand and guides me downstairs. I see Emma and Liam. I look away from them. Zayn looks at them then me and squeezes my hand then lets go. He walks up straight to Liam and Emma.

"If you ever say anything like that to Marie ever again I will tell Niall and you will be gone. I'm sorry Liam but thats unnecessary for her to say. And Liam why didn't you stand up for Marie!! You were telling us how much you loved her and now you are with Emma and your letting Marie go when she doesn't want to. You are hurting her every freaking day by being with Emma. God, can't you see that." Zayn yells at both of them.

"Never talk that way to me or Emma ever again." Liam says sternly. 

He gets up and takes Emma's hand and pushes past me with force making me stumble, but I caught me self. I look over and see Niall. He walks over to me, I look away with tears in my eyes. He hugs me I hug back. I let go and pull away then drag myself to the window sill and it on it and put my head against the window. Hours pass and I'm still sitting there. Without harry I feel empty. I refuse to eat or answer my phone. I bet its just Louis anyway wanting to tell me all about seeing Eleanor today, I didn't even say bye to him.

I was just sitting there.

Niall tried to get me up or talk to me but I stayed silent and didn't move. I moved once to see who was at the door it was just Louis. 

"Marie!! I have been calling and texting all day!!!" I look away from him and just put my head back on the window.

"Earth to Marie? What happened to her?" Louis says asking someone.

"She hasn't moved from that spot all day." Zayn says.

"Its 8:00 pm!!" He runs to me and grabs my hands and starts singing 'I Want' my favorite dancing song. He knew I never refused to dance to this song. But this time it was different. Everyone was dancing. I just stood up not with a smile or anything and just walked past everyone till I got to the door. I go to the end of the drive way and pull out my phone and call Harry. Straight to voice mail. I decided to leave one.

"Hi Harry" I start to cry and sniffle, "I can't stand not being with you. Liam and Emma hate me. I just wanna runaway from this. Please call me back I n-need to hear y-your voice." I start to burst in tears. I hang up the phone and just lay down on the pavement. A few hours go by and I guess I drifted to sleep. I feel someones strong hands around me. I bet it's Zayn. I just continue to sleep. Then I get thrown down. I see that I'm in a van. I scream and scream.


Then I hear, "Marie wake up!! You're dreaming!!" 

I finally find the strength to open my eyes. I look around I see that I'm inside the house on the couch. Louis is beside me sweating and scarred so is Zayn and Niall. But no Liam. 

"What the hell happened? I was in a van-I -scream." I stuttered trying to talk.

"You were screaming and yelling in your sleep. I'm gonna call Harry you need him right now." I turned away from them and continued being


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