Rock Me. -Completed-

Hi my name is Marie! I've been through a lot so my cousin Niall told me to live with him!! I was sooo excited when he told me!! But one problem is the only rooms with a queen size bed is Harry's and Liam's ... So Niall told me to sleep in the same room as Liam. I don't know why I'm this lucky to have a cousin in One Direction! **Completed**


65. Secrets (#Zalli)

Marie's P.O.V.

*Skip ride back from the hospital*

I enter Harry's flat feeling the warm air hit my face. I look around and the place is trashed. Mark. Gosh he is an idiot. I look and see his disgusting smirk. He walks closer to me and I move closer to Harry. His smirk grows seeing that I'm scarred. I get the courage and walk up to his face and spat out at him, "Get out." He laughs and looks over at Harry while I narrow my eyes at him. 

"Can't doll face."

I roll my eyes and say,"Two things. First, what do you mean you can't. Second, never call me doll face ever again." I say sternly. I look over at Harry and he looks stunned. 

Mark then says, "I can call you whatever I want to. I can't leave because I know a secret that Harry doesn't want you to know." 

"What the hell are you talking about?! Harry hasn't done anything. Have you?" I look over at Harry. He turns away and walks out. I start to feel the salty tears rolling down my cheeks. 

I look at Mark and plead, "Please tell me. I can take it."

Zayn's P.O.V.

I get up out of the bed and check my phone I see a message from Harry it says, "S.O.S."

Oh gosh what happened know? I decided not to text back. I go downstairs and see Cindy and Niall on the couch cuddling. Gross. Then right beside them was Louis and Eleanor snuggling in the same blanket. Double gross. I walk right past them into the kitchen and see Kalli writing and singing quietly to herself. She is to adorable.

I get a water bottle and ask, "What are you doing?" 

She looks up at me startled and I see her with these big nerdy glass on and her blonde hair in a high bun. Then she says, "Zayn. You scarred the crap out of me!!"  

I laugh and say, "So whatcha writin, babe?" She blushes and quickly closes her book and says, "Nothing."

"Come on. Show me." I say while trying to grab the book. 

She looks at me then at her feet and says, "Some things are kept secret."

I lift her head up with my hand and put a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Then I say, "But its better to tell someone." I look straight into her eyes then I lean in and kiss her lips softly. He hesitates then starts kissing me back. Wow, that escalated quickly. The I hear Louis yell, "WOAH, GET A ROOM!!" She pulls away and looks at me and blushes then looks at her feet and starts to walk upstairs. That was amazing.

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