Rock Me. -Completed-

Hi my name is Marie! I've been through a lot so my cousin Niall told me to live with him!! I was sooo excited when he told me!! But one problem is the only rooms with a queen size bed is Harry's and Liam's ... So Niall told me to sleep in the same room as Liam. I don't know why I'm this lucky to have a cousin in One Direction! **Completed**


34. Don't quit on me (#LiarieMoments)

Harry's P.O.V. 


I collapse on the floor beside Marie. I can barely hear her breath. I call the boys telling them to meet me at the hospital. I was shaking as I grabbed her hand it was like ice. I called the ambulance. They cam in a matter of minutes and barged in they took her out of the flat and on to the ambulance. I get in to right beside her. I feel tears stinging my eyes. Get it together Harry she will wake up don't worry. We finally get to the hospital they bring her into a room qickly. I tried to run to catch up. But, a woman stopped me and said, "Sir, you have to wait in the waiting room. You aren't allowed to see her."

"But she is my girlfriend. I need to see her." 

"I'm sorry sir." She escorted me to the waiting room. A few moments later the boys come rushing in. Niall looks like he is tearing up. We all give each other a quick hug.

"Where is she?" Zayn asks.

"What happened? Did you hurt her?" Liam asks looking like he was about to rip my head off.

"I don't know where she is. No I didn't hurt her, I came home and it looked like someone hit her."

"Did you know who?" Niall says while wiping his eyes. 

I lie and say, "No."

A nurse came in and said, "Only one at a time to see her. Who's first?"

I stand up but before I say anything Liam sees me and says, "I'll go first." I glare at him. He looks back at me and keeps walking. I sit down and put my head in my hands. Why did I let him get away with this. I gotta get him his money before he hurts her again.


Liam's P.O.V.


I had to see her. I still had strong feelings for her. I followed the nurse to Marie's room. She looked so peaceful. But I saw a huge bruise around her eye down to her check. I look at her arms and saw that the bruises from Mason are gone. But I see a reddish, purplish spot on her neck. It was a hickey. Who gave that to her? Maybe the guy raped her. I looked away feeling the tears form in my eyes.

I took her hand and cried and said, "Don't quit on me. Do not leave me Marie."


Harry's P.O.V


I can't stand the waiting. I get up and pace around the waiting room. My phone rings its Mark. I can't believe he is calling me. I answer it and walk outside.

"You have some nerve calling me." I spat out at him through the phone.

"Aww is someone angry at me."

"Shut up Mark."

"Fine, is she okay? I didn't mean to hurt her that bad. What can I say I throw a good punch to that gorgeous piece of meat."

"Never call her that ever again!!"

"Harry you don't care about her. That is all she is a piece of meat!!" Mark screams through the phone.

"If she dies I'm telling the police."

"She won't. But I will have some 'fun' with her if you know what I mean."I hear his devilish laugh.

"You will never get that close to her." I scoff then hang up.



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