Rock Me. -Completed-

Hi my name is Marie! I've been through a lot so my cousin Niall told me to live with him!! I was sooo excited when he told me!! But one problem is the only rooms with a queen size bed is Harry's and Liam's ... So Niall told me to sleep in the same room as Liam. I don't know why I'm this lucky to have a cousin in One Direction! **Completed**


39. Can we talk? (#LiarieMoments)

Marie's P.O.V.

i woke up very cold. I turn to see that Harry is not there. I sigh to myself then see a note that says,'Good morning, I wish I was wit you but I have a bunch of work to do so Liam is gonna be here with you so you won't be alone. You two need to work things out. I will see you soon beautiful. -Harry xx'

I smile at the note and get up off the bed to take a shower. I try to get mark out of my head but it is to hard to not think of how bad he hurt me. After I get out of the shower I got ready for the day. I put on a little makeup then I put on my favorite sweats. I plop down on the couch and turn on the tv and ate my toast. A while later I hear someone knocking at the door. My heart stops and I immediately get my phone and call Liam.

"Hello?" He asks 

"Hey are you knocking at the door?"

"Yes will you let me in?Please?"

"What is you aren't Liam?" I say trying not to laugh.

"My favorite movie is Toy Story." He says.

I go to the door and open it wide open the plop back on the couch, He closes the door then sits on the chair beside me.



"Can we talk?"

"Sure." I say coldly.

"Marie, I still love you.Hearing what Mark did to me killed me. Seeing you with Harry-"

"Don't go there Liam."

"I need you Marie please." I look in his eyes and stand up over him.

"You know what Liam. I needed you to. But when I needed you were having the time of your life. While I was tied to a bed getting raped and abused.  I hope you had a great time." I coldly yell at him.

"Liam I can't do this right now." He walks over to me and smashes his lips in mine

Then he pulls away leaving me speechless.

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