Rock Me. -Completed-

Hi my name is Marie! I've been through a lot so my cousin Niall told me to live with him!! I was sooo excited when he told me!! But one problem is the only rooms with a queen size bed is Harry's and Liam's ... So Niall told me to sleep in the same room as Liam. I don't know why I'm this lucky to have a cousin in One Direction! **Completed**


29. A day with Harry (#MarryMoments)

Marie's P.O.V

I woke up the next day back at Harry's flat that he is letting me stay in. I look over and see Harry asleep. He wakes up and sees me and smiles. I roll back over and he wraps his arms around me and asks, "Will you go on a date with me today?" My stomach does flips and a smile shows up on my face.

"Harry, I would love to." I roll over to look at him and he kisses me and I kiss back. I take back what I thought. Harry is a better kisser than Liam. I laugh a little to myself. He pulls away and says, "I'll make breakfast while you get ready." I nod and get in the shower. I finish and get out and hear Harry singing 'They don't know about us' I love that song and I start singing and come closer to him. He turns and smiles and kisses me. I keep singing after he kisses me. I go back to the room and change clothes and blow dry my hair and put on some make up and put on a dressing shirt with skinny jeans and boots. I get out and see Harry looking in the mirror fixing his hair. I laugh and he turns to me and says, "You laughing at me ,Horan?" I nod and he runs and picks me up and I laugh even more. He carries me to the car and we both get in. 

"Where are we going, Harry?"

"Well here is the plan. We first go to lunch then go and hang out at the park then go back to the flat and get ready to go to a club tonight." 

"Sounds good"

_______SKIP REST OF THE CAR RIDE________

We get out and enter the restaurant. We get a table and sit down. We started to talk and he ordered for me. It seemed like he has done this a lot. 

"Harry how many dates have you been on?" He looks at me trying to think of an answer.

"Harry, be honest."

"I don't know a bunch." I feel my heart drop a little.

"Oh." I manage to say. We finish eating and started joking and talking some more then he asked me, " How many dates have you been on?"

"About five. Guys don't really ask me out. When I was in high school I never got asked out." He looks at me in disbelief. He changes the subject and we started joking and talking again. A hour goes by and we leave the restaurant and drive to the park we get there and lay under a tree and we sing to each other then he holds my hand. I blush a little that makes him smile. Later on he leans in and i lean in to and I fill the space between us and our lips move in sync. I was magical. We kissed passionately for what seemed like forever but I didn't mind. We finally pull away and he says, "Let's go and get ready for the club." 

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