God Bless the broken road- 1D <3

Alex was you average teenage girl. Had good grades boyfriends and many other friends. If you took a quick look at her, you would have never have guessed that her home was hell on earth.


1. I Set Out

A/N* Heyyy. This is my first book so please no hate! If you want anything to happen later just comment! :)




I woke up with yet another headache. I came last night to find Ren (thats what I call my dad) really drunk again. When he got that way he changed. Almost like her morphed into some abussive, rapist monster. I looked at my clock which read 5:30 AM. Great. I have time to have a shower before he wakes up. I thought to my self. I grabbed my change of clothes before rushing into the bathroom.



I woke up with a massive hangover and boner. I didn't really remembered what happened the night before but tonight I was going to stay sober for everything. Hearing the shower running, angered me. It had to be that little bitch and all of her noise that woke me up. She was going to pay.



I turned off the shower and dried myself before changing my clothes. Grabbing everything of mine from the bathroom I decided it would be ok if I went back to my room. Wrong choice. I stepped out of the bathroom and was greeted to a fist coming into contact with my stomach. I collapsed to the floor gasping for air but not letting a tear slip out of my eyes. Tears only made things worse.

"You woke me up slut!" Ren screamed before bringing his foot into contact with my stomach. He didnt say anything else before entering the bathroom for his shower.

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