Completely Unexpected *ON HOLD*

Raine has it hard, until a drastic event changes her life completely.


5. Chapter 5

"Why are you here?" I scream at my parents. They're standing in my doorway with evil looks on their faces. My 'dad' takes a few more steps into my bedroom, and that's when I notice the gun in his hand. "If we can't have you," he pauses. "Nobody can." He raises the gun, adn starts to pull the trigger.


Good-bye world.


"Raine! Raine! Wake up!" I awake to Paul cradaling me in his arms. "Are you alright? You were screaming and crying." I look around, and see that it was all just a dream. "I'm fune.. Just a bad dream is all. What time is it?"  He looks at his watch, "Around 10:30." He hugs me,"I'm here to talk, ok?" I nod, ad he leaves the room. I look around my pale white room, and get an amazing idea. First, I need to shower. I lay out my sweatpants and tank top, and step into the shower. I wash everything needed and step out wrapping a towel around my body.



-1 hour later-


My phone dings, letting me know I have a text message. I see the name 'Nialls a sexy beast ;D' appear on my phone. I chuckle at the name he put and unlock my phone.

from; Nialls a sexy beast ;D

You want to hang with the boys and i today?xx

 I smile, and begin texting him back. I tell him sure, and he says hell be here in a few. I run up stairs, quickly sliding on dark skinnies and a red/black varsity jacket. The doorbell rings, and Niall walks in. "Ready to go?" I nod and tell Dad bye. "Be nice Niall." He calls as we walk out the door.


A few minutes later we walk into their flat, and im immediately thrown over someones shoulders. "HARRY PUT ME DOWN!" I pound on his back and kick his chest. "NEVER!" He screams, while passing to me Louis. Louis is now carrying me bridal style. "Oh hey Lou." He kisses my cheek "how are you?" "I would be lovely if you put me down." I laugh. "He makes a wierd face. "No can do, love." he says walking torwards Zayn. i'm placed in Zayn's arms, but jump right out of them, pulling Zayn down with me.



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