Completely Unexpected *ON HOLD*

Raine has it hard, until a drastic event changes her life completely.


3. Chapter 3


 Im currently 18 now, and still with the Hartgrove's. i have a meeting with a potential  father today, and i'm actually excited. Well, the meeting-type-thing is about to begin.

 "Raine, this is Paul." mrs. Hartgrove. A tall man walks in, with dark hair. "Hello Raine." His voice shocked me. British maybe? "Nice to meet you." I say sheepishly. Jessica(Mrs. Hartgrove) leaves the room. We have been talking about random things for an hour. I learned he lives in England and is a body guard. I like this guy. I can definitly see him being a father figure to me.

 "How would you like, to move with me, to England?" He asks, out of the blue. "Seriously? YES!" I breather out. Jessica walked back in, "Is it official?" Paul and I both nod vigorously and chuckle. He starts signing the paperwork, and i head up stairs to pack. "Ready?" He says through my door. "Yep." I reply, popping the p. We head out the door, not bothering to say goodbye to anyone, except Keely. She was my roommate. I loved this girl with all my heart. She's extremely dedicated to this new band. One Direction, I think.  We walk to Paul's private jet.. Wait. Provate jet? Whaaat? We walk on, and I lay in the first seat I see. "Time for a new start." I whisper, as I drift off into a deep sleep.


"Raine, wake up. We're home." Home? I look out the window, and see a nice three story house with stone features. "Did you get my things?" I ask, frantically. "yes, now go inside and choose a room. Just not the one down the hall to your left. Thats mine." He says. I quickly walk inside. I explore the first level. There were 8 bedrooms, 7 to choose from. 2 on the main floor, 4 on the second floor, and 2 on the top floor. I chose one on the second floor, second door on the left. My room has its own batthroom, and a walk in closet. I was admiring the beauty but was interrupted, "RAINE! come herrrrrrre." Paul sceamed, I could hear the happiness in his voice though. "Yes?" I looked confused. "Guests, in 20 minutes. be ready." He smiles and hugs me, "I'm happy you came." I smile into the hug, "Thank you for letting me."





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